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News Release
DPSST Police Policy Committee Meeting Scheduled - 05/26/20

For Immediate Release                                        

May 26, 2020

Contact:     Mona Riesterer

Notice of Regular Meeting

The Police Policy Committee of the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training will hold a regular meeting on June 18, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in the Governor Victor G. Atiyeh Boardroom at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training located at 4190 Aumsville Hwy SE, Salem, Oregon. For further information, please contact Mona Riesterer at (503) 378-2431.

The Police Policy meeting will be live streamed on the DPSST Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/DPSSTOregon 

Agenda Items:

1.  Introductions

2.  *** Executive Session ***    

The Police Policy Committee will hold an executive session to consider exempt public records. . The executive session is being held pursuant to ORS 162.660(2)(f). This session is closed to the public.  

        *** General Session ***  

3.  *David Fuller DPSST No. 16332

Presented by Craig Johnson 

4.  *Approve February 20, 2020 Meeting Minutes

5.  *Complaint - Glenn Palmer, DPSST No. 18276

Presented by Linsay Hale

6.  *Administrative Closures

Presented by Linsay Hale

7.  *Robert Johnson,  DPSST No. 50633

Presented by Linsay Hale

8.  *Nigel DeLuna,  DPSST No. 54679

Presented by Linsay Hale

9.  *Corbin Lantz,  DPSST No. 42610

Presented by Linsay Hale

10. *Terry Lohf, DPSST No. 27923

Presented by Linsay Hale

11. *Jason Maurry, DPSST No. 43487

Presented by Linsay Hale

12. *Sebastian Precup, DPSST No. 60628

Presented by Linsay Hale

13. *Thomas Houpt, DPSST No. 60473

Presented by Linsay Hale

14. *Proposed Rule Changes to Adopt OAR 259-006-0000 and 259-008-0290; Establishing DPSST Applicant Moral Fitness Standards

Presented by Jennifer Howald

15. *Law Enforcement Memorial Wall Nomination – Marshall Zachariah H. Stroud, Harney City

Presented by Eriks Gabliks

16. Department Update

17. Next Police Policy Committee Meeting – August 20, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.


Administrative Announcement

This is a public meeting, subject to the public meeting law and it will be recorded. Deliberation of issues will only be conducted by Police Policy Committee members unless permitted by the Chair. Individuals who engage in disruptive behavior that impedes official business will be asked to stop being disruptive or leave the meeting. Additional measures may be taken to have disruptive individuals removed if their continued presence poses a safety risk to the other persons in the room or makes it impossible to continue the meeting.


## Background Information on the DPSST ##

The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) operates the Oregon Public Safety Academy which spans more than 235 acres in Salem. The Academy is nationally recognized for its innovative training programs and active stakeholder involvement. Eriks Gabliks serves as the Director, and Patricia Patrick-Joling, public member, serves as the Chair of the Board. The department implements minimum standards established by the Board for the training and certification of more than 40,000 city, tribal, county and state law enforcement officers, corrections officers, parole and probation officers, fire service personnel, telecommunicators, emergency medical dispatchers and private security providers.

DPSST provides training to more than 25,000 students each year throughout Oregon and at the Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem: certifies qualified officers at various levels from basic through executive; certifies qualified instructors; and reviews and accredits training programs throughout the state based on standards established by the Board.

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