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Intelligence-Led Policing Project in Bend helping make a NE Neighborhood safer (Photo) - 07/12/18

Date: Thursday, July 12, 2018                                                                       

Case # Multiple case numbers              

Date & Time of Incident: April through July                                                    

Type of Incident:  Bottle Drop Problem Oriented Policing Project                     

Location of Incident:  755 NE 2nd Street


Thomas Cole Dillard                    44 year old                        Bend resident,

Cassie Joanne Davis                   31 year old                        Bend resident

David Dale Cook                           36 year old                        Bend resident

Guadalupe J Hernandez              28 year old                        Bend resident


Over the past four months the members of the Intelligence-Led Policing team and patrol officers with the Bend Police Department have focused on various issues in the area of the Bottle Drop, located at 755 NE 2nd Street. The main problems reported to us were livability issues regarding abandoned vehicles, shopping cart thefts, littering, and drug activity.

The Intelligence-Led Policing Team has been addressing the identified problems daily.  The Bend Police Department realizes members of our community commonly frequent this location on a daily basis to return bottles and cans. Our goal is to make it a safe environment for members of the community.

Over the four months, we have facilitated returning 100 stolen shopping carts back to local businesses.  These carts are valuable to the businesses they come from, valuing up to $250 per cart. We have arrested six different people over the past four months for stealing shopping carts in the immediate vicinity of the Bottle Drop. 

We have arrested two people for offensive littering in the area. The police and community members pick up trash weekly at the location that is discarded on the streets, alleys, and sidewalks. 

We have impounded seven different vehicles that have been abandoned and stored on the City streets in the area.  The police have also arrested eleven different people for possessing drugs in the area.

During this project, the Bend Police Department executed a search warrant in the evening of June 6, 2018. The warrant authorized the search of silver Jeep Liberty parked on NE 2nd St. near NE Irving Avenue.  During the search warrant service, the police arrested four different individuals.  The investigation has also shown that people were frequenting the vehicle to use drugs and to conduct illegal drug transactions.

The search warrant revealed a large digital scale, glass pipes with methamphetamine in them, and an undisclosed amount of cash.  The vehicle was also impounded from the location, as it was previously identified and put through the abandoned vehicle removal process.

Thomas “Cole” Dillard, Cassie Davis, David Cook, and Guadalupe Hernandez were all arrested during the search warrant service.  All four individuals were lodged at the Deschutes County Jail for the following charges:

  • Thomas Dillard was lodged on charges of PCS-METH, DCS-METH, Frequenting a place where drugs are used, kept or sold.
  • Cassie Davis was lodged on charges to include PCS-METH and Frequenting a place where drugs are used, kept, or sold.
  • Davis Cook was lodged on an active warrant for his arrest and Frequenting a place where drugs are used, kept, or sold.
  • Guadalupe Hernandez was lodged on an active warrant for his arrest, False Information to Police, and Frequenting a place where drugs are used, kept, or sold.

The Bend Police and Intelligence-Led Policing team is committed to making the Bottle Drop and surrounding area a safe place for our community members to go to. The sergeant and two officers working on the ILP Team will continue working to keep the area around the Bottle Drop a safer place. This is another example of how our Intelligence-Led Policing Team is continually working to make livability all over Bend better.

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Attached Media Files: IMG_0081.jpg , Area of Bottle Drop
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