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Press Release
Members Selected for Police Chief's Advisory Council (Photo) - 08/11/22

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz is pleased to announce the new members of the Police Chief’s Advisory Council. 

Over the past 18 years, the Police Chief’s Advisory Council has served as an engagement and communication tool for creating and maintaining relationships with the community. 

The PCAC will serve three critical missions: 

  • To advise the Chief of Police and the Police Department on various issues from the community perspective.
  • To act as a communication conduit between community networks and the Police Department.
  • To enhance trust between the community and the law enforcement agencies that serve them.

Chief Krantz and a team of City of Bend employees considered 64 applications and selected 19 members to join the advisory council. Those interested were required to fill out an application and complete a limited volunteer background check. 

As members of the PCAC, they will be expected to conduct a ridealong with an officer, participate in the Community Academy, and attend 90-minute monthly meetings that will focus on community problem solving. They may also observe some police training and create an annual outcome plan for the Advisory Council. Members will serve as community contacts. Members will typically serve a two-year term and the application process will be reopened annually to include additional voices on the advisory council. 

“I appreciate these 19 community members’ willingness to volunteer to be a part of the Police Chief’s Advisory Council,” Chief Krantz said. “I value our community’s thoughts, opinions and concerns and expect this group will help us better serve the community.” 

Chief Krantz sought a diverse group of members to reflect the Bend community, and the new members of the Police Chief’s Advisory Council range in age from 29 to 79 and hail from all quadrants of the City of Bend. They are: 

  • Elizabeth Allen
  • Lisa Anderson
  • Angelica Bocanegra-Chavez
  • Julie Borshell
  • Michael Chamness
  • Lance Gomez
  • Charles Johannessen, Jr. 
  • Hans Jorgensen
  • Steven Koski
  • Joel Lee
  • Terry Leggert
  • Marcus LeGrand
  • Jennifer Lingard
  • Kelly Musgrove
  • Caroline Ramoz
  • Julie Sandvigen
  • Stephen Tilden
  • Laura Winberry
  • Kelly Windolph

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Press Release
Press Release
Bend Police Communication Tool Expands (Photo) - 08/08/22

Bend Police Communication Tool Expands

In April, the Bend Police Department launched a new communication tool called SPIDR Tech, which allows 911 and nonemergency dispatch callers and crime victims to share feedback and receive follow-up messages.

Since April 11, automated text messages have been sent to those calling 911 or the nonemergency dispatch line. The messages acknowledge the call for service and provide basic information to the caller. The messages (available in both English and Spanish) also provide an optional survey to provide feedback on the service they received from Bend Police officers. 

Since that launch, Bend Police have sent nearly 22,000 messages to community members, and have received more than 1,100 survey responses. 

Here are the Bend Police Department’s ratings, out of a possible 5, for each of the following questions: 

The officer listened to me: 4.79
The officer treated me with respect: 4.82
The officer treated me fairly: 4.82
The officer communicated clearly: 4.83
The officer provided useful information: 4.57
The officer helped resolve the problem: 4.28
Overall, how satisfied were you with BPD’s response to your recent call: 4.54

Bend Police are now implementing the second phase of SPIDR Tech, which will allow the Department to notify crime victims about case specifics. When an officer completes a case report that involves a victim, the victim will receive a message detailing the case number, the officer’s name, as well as a link to victim’s assistance and how to contact the Department. If an arrest is made in the case, a second message will be sent to victims advising of that arrest. Soon, a third phase will be implemented in which drivers involved in motor vehicle crashes receive an informational message. 

The Department implemented the program after a community survey showed the community wanted a more robust process to provide follow-up and essential information back to community members after they reached out on calls for service. 

Bend Police is the first law-enforcement agency in Oregon to use SPIDR Tech. The technology is used at 62 agencies around the United States. 

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Three suspects shoplift high-end sunglasses and flee in vehicle (Photo) - 08/07/22

Incident: Three suspects shoplift high-end sunglasses and flee in vehicle

Date / Time: August 7, 2022 /11:01 a.m.

Case Number: 2022-00046371

Location: 450 SW Powerhouse Dr. #404, Sunglass Hut

Victim: Business – Sunglass Hut

Suspects: Unknown

Charges: Aggravated Theft I and Burglary II

At 1101 a.m. on Sunday, August 7, Bend Police were dispatched to a reported robbery at the Sunglasses Hut, located at 450 SW Powerhouse Drive #404. An investigation revealed the incident was an aggravated theft of multiple pairs of high-end sunglasses.

Three subjects, one man and two women, entered the store and began taking pairs of sunglasses off the shelves and putting them into bags. The store employee confronted the subjects, who continued to take sunglasses. There were other customers in the store when this crime occurred. The three subjects then fled the store with an estimated total value of $20,000 of stolen sunglasses.

During the investigation, police were able to get photos of the suspects, which are attached. If you can identify any of the subjects involved, please contact our non-emergency dispatch center at 541-693-6911.

The police were also able to get a photo of the vehicle the subjects fled in. The vehicle was a gray Hyundai, possibly a Sonata, with tinted windows. There were no license plates on the vehicle when they left the location. There is damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle as seen in the attached photo.

If you see this vehicle or the subjects in the photos, please contact the Bend Police Department through our non-emergency dispatch center at 541-693-6911.

Bend man arrested in stabbing - 08/07/22

Incident: Bend man arrested in stabbing

Date / Time: August 6, 2022 / 9:58 p.m.

Case Number: 2022-00046327

Location: NE 2nd St./ NE Emerson Ave., Bend

Arrested: Kevin Patterson, 51-year-old Bend resident

Victim: Manuel Garcia Martinez, 35-year-old Bend resident

Charge: Assault II – Aggravated, Unlawful use of a weapon, Probation violation

At 9:58 p.m. on Saturday, August 6, Bend Police were called to a report of subject who was bleeding from his abdomen in the area of NE 3rd St. and NE Franklin Ave. Police arrived and provided medical care to the male, who was later identified as Manuel Garcia Martinez.

A police investigation revealed that Kevin Patterson and Manuel Garcia Martinez were both staying at the Bend Emergency Shelter at 275 NE 2nd St. and they have had confrontations or arguments in the past couple months. Prior to the police being called, Patterson and Garcia Martinez were involved in another confrontation in the area of NE 2nd St. and NE Emerson Ave., which led to Patterson allegedly stabbing Garcia Martinez in his stomach area.

Garcia Martinez was transported to St. Charles Medical Center for treatment and has non-life-threatening injuries.

Bend Police located Kevin Patterson at the Bend Emergency Shelter and he was arrested. Patterson was taken to the Deschutes County Adult Jail where he was lodged on the above charges.

We want to thank Bend Fire Department for their assistance with this investigation.

Suspect Arrested After Shooting Into Unoccupied Relative's Home - 08/03/22

Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Case #: 2022-00045476

Incident: Suspect Arrested After Shooting Into Unoccupied Relative’s Home

Date / Time of Incident: Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 03:18 AM 

Location: 2277 NE Scarlet Court, Bend

Arrested: Megan Leeann Teeter, 26 years old

Charges: Unlawful use of a weapon, Reckless endangering, Attempt murder

Around 03:19 AM, Bend Police Officers responded to the report of a woman shooting at a residence at 2277 NE Scarlet Court. Officers and Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputies went to the area and found evidence of numerous handgun rounds being fired. Those rounds were fired from a .380 handgun. Approximately 15 rounds were fired and several rounds struck the home and a parked vehicle at NE Scarlet Court. No one was injured and the house was unoccupied at the time. The shooter fled the area in a Jeep prior to police arriving.

Bend Police Detectives responded to the scene to investigate. This investigation led to the arrest of Megan Leeann Teeter around 09:30 AM at 61140 Chuckanut Drive by CERT (Central Oregon Emergency Response Team). Teeter was taken to St. Charles Medical Center for evaluation. The property at NE Scarlet Court was the home of a relative of Teeter. Detectives served a search warrant at the Chuckanut Drive address and seized the handgun involved in this crime. 

Long-Term Investigation to Improve Neighborhood Safety in SE Bend - 08/01/22

Date: August 1, 2022

Incident: Long-Term Investigation to Improve Neighborhood Safety in SE Bend


First Location: 61208 Nisika Court

Case Numbers: 22-32879, 22-44656

Arrested: Drake, Christopher Gordon 51 years-old

Charges: Frequenting a place where controlled substances are used, Felon in possession of a restricted weapon, Carrying of concealed weapons, Driving under the influence-drugs

Arrested: Sanchez, Joseph Ruben 52 years-old

Charge: Frequenting a place where controlled substances are used, Deschutes County arrest warrant


Second Location: 20636 Foxborough Lane

Case Number: 22-44998

Arrested: Chelsea Catherine Kelly 25 years-old

Charge: Frequenting a place where controlled substances are used

Arrested: Clayton T. Kirkey 36 years-old

Charges: Felon in possession of a firearm, Frequenting a place where controlled substances are used, Unlawful possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), Delivery of a controlled substance (methamphetamine)

Issued a Citation to Appear: Hayden Riley Jeffrey Liapes 29 years-old

Charge: Frequenting a place where controlled substances are used

Outstanding Suspect: Eric Sean Kelly 27 years-old

Beginning in January of 2022, Bend Police began receiving reports from community members about possible drug activity at a residence on Nisika Court in SE Bend. This residence was across the street from Jewell Elementary School. Officers focused patrols in the area and developed additional information linking several occupants to drug activity. By July 30, 2022, enough evidence had been gathered to arrest Joseph Sanchez and Christopher Drake at the location for numerous offenses.

Related to these neighborhood safety efforts in SE Bend, officers received information that another home nearby was also associated with criminal activity. This information included the unlawful possession of a firearm.

The CERT (Central Oregon Emergency Response Team) served a search warrant at the home on August 1, 2022. The search warrant was for the illegal sale of drugs, possession of stolen property, and unlawful possession of a firearm.  Three people were charged with crimes at the search warrant.  A fourth suspect in the investigation, Eric Kelly, is being sought for numerous crimes related to this investigation. A handgun, a pepperball gun, and numerous stolen items were seized during the search. Additional charges are anticipated as the investigation continues.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office helped with the investigation at the scene.

Press Release
Press Release
Multijurisdictional Traffic Safety Detail results in 172 citations (Photo) - 07/27/22

Date: July 12-14, 2022

Incident: Multijurisdictional Traffic Safety Detail

Location: U.S. Highways 97, 20, 126, Bend Parkway, Redmond Bypass

Participating Agencies: Bend Police, Black Butte Ranch Police, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Redmond Police, Sunriver Police Department

Central Oregon law enforcement agencies issued a total of 172 citations over a three-day period earlier this month as part of a multijurisdictional traffic safety detail focused on the region’s highways. The detail took place between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., July 12-14.

Bend, Redmond, Sunriver and Black Butte police departments, as well as the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police all participated in the detail. Officers from the six agencies made 225 stops. 

Of the citations, 119 were made for speeding. Among the most excessive speeds reported during the detail were citations for 88, 92 and 93 MPH near Black Butte Ranch on U.S. Highway 20, and a citation for 87 MPH near Sunriver on U.S. Highway 97. The speed limit on U.S. Highway 20 near Black Butte is 55 MPH, while the speed limit on U.S. Highway 97 near Sunriver is 65 MPH. 

In addition to speeding citations, officers gave out six citations for distracted driving or cell phone use, eight for failure to have insurance, seven for driving while suspended, and eight for not wearing seatbelts. An additional 24 citations were given for other issues, including equipment issues and failing to have an alcohol interlock device on the vehicle. Two people were arrested during the detail. 

The goal of this detail was to reduce speeds, injuries and crashes and remind people of the risks of speeding, distracted driving and other dangerous behaviors. During the summer, we see a lot of drivers on the road. It’s important to arrive safely at your destination, and the best way to do that is to avoid speeding and put away your cell phone. 

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Bend man commits several crimes at local motel - 07/23/22


Please use this updated press release, there was a one word correction.

Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022

Case #: 2022-00042996

Incident: Bend man commits several crimes at local motel 

Date / Time of Incident: July, 23, 2022 / 12:44 p.m. 

Location: 1300 S. HWY. 97, Bend, OR 

Arrested: Antonio Edwin Hernandez, 27-year-old Bend Resident

Charges: Menacing, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief I, Criminal Trespass II, and a Probation Violation Warrant

Bend Police were called to the Budget Inn at 1300 S. Hwy. 97 regarding a male that menaced an employee, barricaded himself in a motel room, and damaged property at the location.  Police arrived at approximately1250 p.m.  The male, identified as Antonio Hernandez, had rented a room at the location but was supposed to be out of the room yesterday. Hernandez had dismantled a bed from inside his room and swung the mental frame at an employee who was trying to get Hernandez to leave the location.

The police knocked on the door multiple times, announced their presence, and asked Hernandez to cooperate however he did not cooperate or come out of the motel room.  Police found the door to the motel room was barricaded as items were blocking the entry into the room.  The police then breached the window to the motel room and could see the male still holding the metal bedframe in his hands as a weapon.

Police requested additional resources including K9’s from both Bend PD and the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office. 

Hernandez started throwing parts of the metal bedframe out the window of the motel room.  The police deployed Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray into the motel room.

At approximately 1353 hrs., Hernandez exited the room and he was taken into custody.  Hernandez demonstrated signs that he was impaired and under the influence of a stimulant narcotic.  Hernandez was taken to the Deschutes County Adult Jail where he was lodged.

We want to thank the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance with this investigation.

Oregon State Police Bomb Squad called out for a suspicious package at the Wagner Mall - 07/22/22


Two Oregon State Police Bomb Squad members responded to the area of the Wagner Mall to assist on this investigation. It was determined the suspicious package was not a threat to the community.  The package was found to have donated items in it and a note was left with the package.  The area was secured by police for approximately four hours and now is reopened.  There are no safety concerns pertaining to this incident in the area. 

We want to thank the Oregon State Police for their assistance with this investigation.

Date: July 22, 2022

Case #: 2022-00042844

Incident: Oregon State Police Bomb Squad called out for a suspicious package at the Wagner Mall

Date / Time of Incident: July 22, 2022 / 3:43 p.m. 

Location: 1900 NE 3rd St., Bend, OR

At 3:43 p.m. on Friday, July 22, Bend Police responded to the Wagner Mall regarding a suspicious package being abandoned outside the business Pack Ship & More. The package is approximately 24 inches by 12 inches and had no packaging labels on it.

Officers responded to the location and evacuated multiple businesses for the safety of all employees, business owners, and the community.

A prior police investigation has caused a heightened concern that the package could be a threat to the community. 

This is an ongoing investigation, please avoid the area of the Wagner Mall.  More information will be released when it becomes available. 

Press Release
Press Release
UPDATE: Water Rescue in Deschutes River (Photo) - 07/22/22


Joseph Torkelson died from the injuries he endured from this incident.


After an investigation, Bend Police have identified the man who was rescued from the Deschutes River on Thursday afternoon as 56-year-old Bend resident Joseph Clarence Torkelson. 

Torkelson was apparently floating the river with a roommate. Torkelson and the roommate put in to the river upstream in Bend. Instead of staying to the left to ride through the gentle rapids at Colorado Avenue, Torkelson somehow ended up on the wrong side of the buoys and was sucked under and through the dam. Shortly thereafter, Torkelson was found and pulled from the river. 

Torkelson remains in the ICU at St. Charles Bend. 


Date: July 21, 2022 

Incident #: 2022-00042600 

Incident: Water Rescue in Deschutes River 

Date / Time of Incident: July 21, 2022 / 2:17 p.m.  

Location: Bend Whitewater Park / McKay Park

At approximately 2:17 p.m., Bend Police and Bend Fire & Rescue were dispatched to a person in the Deschutes River near McKay Park and the Whitewater Park. A 911 caller from the Colorado Avenue Footbridge reported seeing a body in the water and directing a kayaker to it. The person was located in the center channel of the river, near the footbridge.  

By 2:20 p.m., bystanders had pulled a man from the water and police officers and fire personnel conducted CPR on the individual for more than 10 minutes. The person was transported to St. Charles Bend. No further information on his condition is known at this time.  

An investigation is ongoing. The person’s identity at this point is not known. No one at McKay Park or in the water at the time saw the man go underwater, and it is unknown where the man may have entered the river or how long he was underwater.   

Bend Police put a drone in the air to look for additional victims, boats or floats. No additional victims or abandoned watercraft were found. 

Bend Police closed the Colorado Avenue Bridge in both directions for approximately 30 minutes.  

More information will be released as it becomes available.  

Bend Police thank Bend Fire & Rescue, as well as bystanders, for their assistance at the scene.  


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Rear Seat View
Rear Seat View
Bend City Council approves fleet camera system for Bend Police vehicles (Photo) - 07/21/22

Date: July 21, 2022

Incident: Bend City Council approves fleet camera system for Bend Police vehicles 

The Bend City Council on Wednesday approved a contract with Axon to install a fleet camera system in all Bend Police Department vehicles, paving the way for Bend officers to increase law enforcement accountability and have additional public safety equipment at their fingertips. 

The five-year, $679,500 contract will provide for the purchase and installation of the cameras, as well as software and the storage of videos. 

This is the second and final phase in the Bend Police Department’s body-worn camera project that was brought before the City Council and approved in 2021. Axon is also the vendor for the Bend Police Department’s body-worn camera system, which was implemented in 2021-22. 

The goal of these camera systems is to further increase the transparency of our local law enforcement actions, as well as to improve public safety, reduce crime and assist in prosecution efforts. The camera systems serve as an effective tool for helping the public access and understand interactions between officers and community members. All video recordings will be stored in a secure cloud location, and the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office will have the ability to review the recordings.

The fleet cameras are an additional piece of technology that the Bend Police Department is using to be a leader in proactive, progressive policing. The department also recently implemented SPIDR Tech to get regular public feedback.

"Adding dashcams to all of our vehicles is another way the Bend Police Department can be transparent,” Police Chief Mike Krantz said. “This type of technology serves as an accountability tool both for our officers and members of the public who encounter law enforcement and allows for accurate and effective prosecution of criminal cases.”

Bend Police have been testing the Axon fleet camera system in two vehicles over the past month. 

Axon and the department expect to install cameras in all vehicles in approximately 10 to 12 months. When complete, every officer will use a body-worn camera and every vehicle will be equipped with a camera during their shifts. 

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Press Release
Press Release
Bend Police announce additional Community Academy (Photo) - 07/19/22

Bend Police announce additional Community Academy beginning Sept. 13, 2022

Because of its continued popularity, the Bend Police Department will host a second Community Academy this fall. 

The Bend Police Department Community Academy has been recognized as a national and regional model in allowing an inside look at how the Department operates. 

This fall’s Community Academy, which will take place from Sept. 13 through Nov. 8, will be the Department’s 38th class of community members to participate. 

The goal of the program is to inform and educate participants about the Bend Police Department and the various ways police officers carry out their mission. Instruction includes classes on narcotics, traffic, CERT, K9s, officer survival and more. The classes are taught by officers chosen according to their specific area of expertise in law enforcement.

When students graduate, they are eligible to become Bend Police Department Volunteers. Volunteers can serve in various assignments such as Couriers, Disabled Parking and Special Events.

The class will meet once a week for nine consecutive weeks, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday evenings. The Community Academy can accommodate 30 students per session. There is no charge to participate in the Community Academy.

To participate, please complete the Community Academy Application, or pick up an application at the Bend Police Department’s reception desk, 555 NE 15th Street, in Bend. For more information, visit the Bend Police Department’s webpage. Applications can be submitted via email to, via mail to 555 NE 15th Street, Bend, Oregon 97701, or by dropping them off in person at the Department. 

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