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News Release
Yakima School District Partners with Six Universities for Guaranteed Student College Admission - 11/02/21

Guaranteed College Admission Program 2021-22

Please review the text below and this short video from Superintendent Dr. Trevor Greene and Byron Girard, Executive Director of Career and College Readiness:  


We are excited to announce a new partnership between the Yakima School District and several universities around Washington State.

The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) issued a call for universities across the state to be innovative and think a little differently about post-secondary attainment in our State. Many universities and colleges around Washington State answered this call and have worked to develop a new, innovative, and collaborative Guaranteed Admissions Partnership program. Yakima School District, along with several other pioneering school districts, has established Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) and Data Sharing Agreements (DSA’s) with six college institutions in Washington State.

These MOU and DSA agreements will provide Yakima School District Students with automatic admission into the college or university if they meet the institution's minimum cumulative GPA (non-weighted) requirements and meet the Completer of the College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADRs). (*) The qualified student will only need to work with the institutions of choice on the application process and complete their FAFSA or WASFA.  

The Universities and College that Yakima School District currently has agreements with are:

Washington State University                   (3.6 minimum GPA required)

Central Washington University                (3.0 minimum GPA required)

Eastern Washington University                (3.0 minimum GPA required)

Western Washington University               (3.0 minimum GPA required)

Evergreen State College                         (2.5 minimum GPA required)

Pacific Lutheran University*                    (3.3 minimum GPA required)

(*) PLU requires students to also have completed a second-year Algebra or equivalent course. 

An eligible student will be contacted directly by the universities/colleges with information about their programs and next steps if the student is interested in pursuing a college pathway at their institution.

Counselors, career and college specialists, administrators, and anyone connected to working with students on their post-high school planning have webinars available to them this month to learn more.

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