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Science on Tap -- The Science of Adult Attachment: Understanding our Patterns in Relationships (Photo) - 01/24/23

Date: Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

Time: 7 pm

Location: Kiggins Theatre Vancouver, Wa

Tickets: $15-$45

Event Website:

We all have an attachment style that impacts how we behave and feel in relationships.  Though attachment styles are formed during childhood, awareness of our attachment style and tendencies can support the development of a healthy relationship through adulthood. 

At this Science on Tap, Leah Haas, a mental health provider and sex educator, will discuss how each attachment style develops and the behaviors associated with them so participants can walk away with ideas to make their relationships more secure and satisfying.  

Leah Haas (she/her) works in mental health as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in sexuality and gender at Inner Awareness Therapy. She works in youth sexual health for the State of Oregon and is a co-founder of Beyond the Talk which provides sex education to adults. In her free time, Leah loves backpacking, music, and hanging out with her dog Leto.

Recorded live shows are available to Patreon members sometime after the show.

COVID Policy:

Verbal vaccine confirmation required; masks encouraged.

Science on Tap is a science lecture series where you can sit back, drink a pint, and enjoy learning. Listen to experts talk about the science in your neighborhood and around the world. You don't have to be a science geek to have fun--all you need is a thirst for knowledge! For more information on this event or about Science on Tap, visit Science on Tap OR WA.

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