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Healthcare Careers More Viable & Sustainable than Social Media Influencing-New Website Shows Local Options for Salem/Keizer Students (Photo) - 05/09/24

A 2023 survey from Morning Consult reveals a startling trend: 57% of Gen Zers want to become social media influencers. If that doesn't work out, then what? 

With 1.8 million healthcare positions opening up in the U.S. each year, the industry must now grapple with capturing the next generation's interest. In Salem, Oregon, a clinic has worked to tackle this obstacle head-on by introducing students to the wealth of opportunities within healthcare.

The Salem Clinic Medical Foundation has launched an innovative and hyper-local online platform - Salem Keizer Healthcare Careers (SKHCC), to recruit the next generation of healthcare professionals. SKHCC aims to inspire and empower youth to explore rewarding career paths in their communities. 

"When students think of a career in healthcare, they typically think of just doctors and nurses," says Ericka Kingsbury, programs administrator and spokesperson for the Salem Clinic Medical Foundation. "Our goal is to ignite curiosity and enthusiasm among the youth of Salem Keizer. Healthcare is a highly diverse field. From direct patient care to behind-the-scenes support, there's a career for every kind of skill set and personality type." 

The SKHCC website is a comprehensive local resource, offering detailed information on various healthcare careers – including education requirements and potential earnings (for the Salem Keizer market). The website also provides links to educational institutions offering relevant programs close to home. 

"Not every healthcare career path requires years of schooling," says Kingsbury. "Many entry-level positions are just as vital and rewarding as their credentialed counterparts." 

Kingsbury encourages students, educators, and parents to explore the website and discover the opportunities awaiting in healthcare. "Students are drawn to careers they see online. I hope this website can reach students where they're at and help them discover a lifelong career that enables them and their communities to thrive." 

Visit to learn more and embark on a journey toward a fulfilling healthcare career. 

About (SKHCC): (SKHCC) is an online platform dedicated to introducing the youth of Salem and Keizer, Oregon, to diverse healthcare career opportunities. Sponsored by the Salem Clinic Medical Foundation, SKHCC aims to inspire and empower young individuals to explore rewarding career paths within the healthcare industry by providing comprehensive information and resources. Winner of the 2024 Marion-Polk County Medical Society President's Award.

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