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News Release
Cougar incident in Sunriver - 12/01/17

On 12-01-2017, at approximately 11:15 hours, Sunriver Police were called to the north golf course area behind 35 Cedar Lane for a dead deer. Officers were able to determine that the deer was more than likely killed by a cougar. Sunriver Officers searched the area for about 40 minutes and were not successful in locating the cat. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officers were contacted and advised about the incident. ODF&W advises that individuals avoid direct contact with the cougar, and if located avoid attempts to chase it off. Members of the public are encouraged to keep their pets on a leash, and if you see or are in contact with the cougar, walk away slowly, and call the police. If you see the cougar in Sunriver, you are encouraged to contact the Sunriver Police Department.

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