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News Releases
Ridgefield School District receives another clean financial audit - 04/18/24

The Ridgefield School District has received another clean audit from the Washington State Auditor's Office demonstrating that the district has safeguarded public resources. This underscores the district's ongoing commitment to upholding the highest standards of financial transparency and accountability. The audit examined the areas of financial statements and federal grant compliance for the district's fiscal year from Sept. 1, 2022 to Aug. 31, 2023. Due to the size of its enrollment and annual budget, the district undergoes a thorough financial audit every year.

Independent state auditors reviewed Ridgefield's internal controls over financial reporting, federal grant compliance, and the financial statements prepared for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. The auditor’s report concludes that the district complied with laws and regulations; and that there were no internal control deficiencies. The auditor’s also determined the financial statements were fairly presented and accurately reflected the district’s financial operations. 

"Maintaining a clean audit history is paramount to earning and retaining the trust of our community," said interim superintendent Chris Griffith. “We take our responsibility very seriously, and I am proud of the teamwork and effort of district administrators and staff who ensure we are properly safeguarding public funding. This achievement reflects our dedicated efforts to ensure every dollar is accounted for and directed towards maximizing the educational experience for our students."

The State Auditor's Office audits school districts annually as part of its efforts to track public money and provide essential accountability and transparency for district operations. Their report states "the State Auditor’s Office has the independence necessary to objectively perform audits, attestation engagements and investigations. Our work is designed to comply with professional standards as well as to satisfy the requirements of federal, state and local laws. The Office also has an extensive quality control program and undergoes regular external peer review to ensure our work meets the highest possible standards of accuracy, objectivity and clarity."

“Ridgefield School District is fully committed to maintaining and building the public’s trust,” said Paula McCoy, Ridgefield School District’s Executive Director of Business Services. “Our track record of accountability is critical, and we are pleased to have another year of clean audits that demonstrate our commitment to being good financial stewards.”

The final reports for Ridgefield's 2022-23 audits are available on the State Auditor’s Office website and include the following:

● Financial Statements Report: Provides an opinion on whether financial statements are presented fairly and in accordance with the applicable reporting framework. Examines records for fraud and/or large errors or misstatements.

● Federal Single Audit Report: Required when a district spends more than $750,000 annually in federal assistance funding and determines compliance with federal requirements. View the Financial Statements and Federal Single Audit Report here

The April Employee and Students of the Month with the RSD Board of Directors
The April Employee and Students of the Month with the RSD Board of Directors
Ridgefield School District honors April Employee and Students of the Month (Photo) - 04/10/24

On April 9, Ridgefield School District officials recognized the April 2024 Employee and Students of the Month at the regular Board of Directors meeting. Congratulations to all of this month’s honorees! 

Employee of the Month Amber Zirkle, South Ridge Elementary School
Amber Zirkle is our lead recess staff member who supports all 770 students when they are out at recess. She helps to create recess play experiences for students that are fun and provide the kinds of movement opportunities kids need to continue learning. She is also our 4th Grade Leadership advisor, where she helps our young leaders to grow their leadership skills, and together, they give back to our school and community. Just recently the leadership students organized and implemented a canned food drive to benefit the Ridgefield Family Resource Center. We are so thankful to have Amber as a part of our team at South Ridge! 

Marli Gore, preschooler at the Early Learning Center
Marli Gore is an outstanding young learner and leader! She is always willing to help anyone at any time, no matter what. Marli has an amazing sense of humor and imagination which makes her friends smile and laugh every day. She consistently tries to include her friends in reading books, puppet shows, and dramatic play. Her teachers shared, "Marli has been a great addition to our classroom this year. She is always the first to volunteer to help, and the first one to help her peers unprompted. She is smart and eager to ask questions and learn new things. She always sets a great example for others to follow." It has been a true pleasure to have Marli with us this year and we can't wait to see the amazing things she accomplishes!

Jayden Lopez, 2nd grade at South Ridge Elementary School
Jayden Lopez has never given up without trying their very best, asking for help, and trying some more. They are thoughtful, curious and truly committed to growing themself into the best that they can be. Jayden asks about the meaning of words during class and those conversations lead to genuine education for all. They make certain that others know they are liked by smiling big and sharing kindness at every chance. Even though Jayden is soft spoken, you will always know how they are feeling, just by looking at them. Although Jayden shows respect to all and has proven to be as responsible as they can be, it is Jayden’s resilience that really deserves the spotlight. Despite so many challenges outside of their control, Jayden keeps showing up and giving it all they have. 

Everett Simmons, 3rd Grade at Union Ridge Elementary School
Here's what the staff at Union Ridge had to say about Everett Simmons: Ms. Hall shared that Everett is friends with everyone because he treats all kids respectfully and kindly. He is eager and willing to help anyone, including her. Everett brings a cheerful and laid-back energy into our classroom daily and puts a smile on all our faces.  Everett is responsible and helpful in the library, and his humor is something everyone can enjoy! He doesn't miss a beat! Even with an injured hand, Everett played the recorder like a champion in music! He is an outstanding musician with excellent practice stamina. His never-give-up attitude is infectious, and he is a positive role model for his peers. In P.E., Everett is a great team player who always gives his all and consistently demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship. Everett has a can-do attitude in art. He takes art criticism well and always tries to improve his craft. Everett is upbeat and full of positive energy.

Valeria Cerna-Arias, 5th grade at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School
Valeria Cerna-Arias is consistently positive and helpful in every situation and with everyone she encounters. When we've had new students join our class, Valeria is the first to reach out and welcome them, invite them to work alongside her, and check on their needs while showing genuine empathy. She is kind and considerate in all situations and goes out of her way to help others, including guest teachers. It is not uncommon for guest teachers to leave positive notes about Valeria’s help. Valeria makes the most of each day and always has a smile to share. She truly loves school and spending time with her classmates and teachers. She perseveres through challenges, both academically and socially. Valeria is especially aware of those peers whose first language is not English, attempting to speak with them in Spanish and being a source of kind comfort. She consistently displays the Coyote character traits of responsibility, resilience, and respect.

Isabelle Brown, 8th grade at View Ridge Middle School
All of Isabelle’s teachers agreed that she is thoughtful and kind to peers and staff, is always on task, and takes initiative to further her learning process and do her absolute best. Mr. Broeckel, her history teacher said, “She leaves class thanking her teachers for the lesson for that day. It’s the little things that stand out.” 

In choir, Ms. Whetsell said “Izzy works hard in choir and is consistently on task. Even when another section is being worked with, she practices her part and encourages others to do the same. She leads by example and her love of what she does shows every day. She is kind and respectful and well deserving of this award!” 

Eighth grade Language Arts teacher Mrs. Simpson said “Izzy is a fantastic student who works hard to demonstrate her mastery of the ELA standards. She effectively communicates about what support she needs and takes feedback very well. The positive attitude she brings to class every day helps get other students on track and ready to learn. It has been a joy to have her in my class two years in a row. She is truly an amazing student!” 

Ms. Pauletto, Isabelle’s math teacher, said, “Izzy is an immensely kind and bright student. She treats everyone with respect and always makes sure everyone feels welcome. She always comes to class ready to learn and consistently tries her best each day. I appreciate her so much and am so glad I got to have her in class this year!” Isabelle also embodies the Heron traits of being Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient, so we know she will be an amazing Spudder next year. 

Drew Myer, 12th grade at Wisdom Ridge Academy
For several months, staff at Wisdom Ridge Academy have been saying, “We need to make sure Drew gets student of the month, he’s awesome.” Well, it’s “make-sure” time and we are pleased to announce that senior Drew Myer, is the April Wisdom Ridge Academy student of the month. 

Drew’s teachers say this about him: “Drew attends WRA due to some significant challenges he has with anxiety and social interactions. Drew did not shy away from his challenges, but has faced them and has progressed admirably and he now has a much clearer understanding of his capabilities. Because of Drew’s perseverance, he has become more capable of knowing when and how to ask for help. He attends in-person sessions twice a week and has made good connections with WRA staff. Drew is polite and a delightful student. I’m always impressed with Drew.” 

Drew chose to attend Wisdom Ridge Academy because it gives him the opportunity to get an education that is best for him. He states that working at his own pace, coming into WRA for help, and not having to worry about the anxiety he feels in a traditional school are all benefits of attending Wisdom Ridge. Drew states that learning how to manage his anxiety has been one of his greatest challenges, but he is proud of what he has been able to accomplish over the past several years. Drew enjoys helping others and hopes to volunteer this summer at a homecare facility or animal shelter. His plans after high school are to go into the medical field or early childhood or special education. Drew is an outstanding student who maintains high grades and has a bright future.

Xander Bredemeyer, 12th grade at Ridgefield High School
Xander Bredemeyer is an individual whose presence in our school community is truly exceptional and embodies the core values we cherish at Ridgefield High School: respect, determination, persistence, and a positive attitude. Add in helpful and fun with a subtle sense of humor, and you have the makings of a student that is a joy to have in class. As one teacher stated “You can always count on Xander to get his work done with a smile on his face. If he has challenges, he's not afraid to ask for help. If he makes a mistake, he's not afraid to admit to his mistake and try to fix things moving forward.” 

When not in the classroom, Xander enjoys art and music (mostly rock), and hanging out with his little brother lifting weights. Reflecting on his journey through Ridgefield School District, Xander acknowledges the influence of two remarkable staff members: Ms. Schwartz and Mrs. Santiago. Their guidance and support have shaped not only his academic pursuits but also his personal growth. As Xander looks toward the future, he plans to attend trade school and pursue a career as a mechanic. His long-term goal is to live near the ocean, which is a far cry from the cornfields of Iowa where he grew up. This student's journey is a testament to resilience, kindness, and the power of hard work. 

Piper Gannon,
Piper Gannon, "Chickadee in the pines"
Seven RHS students win 10 total awards at ESD 112's annual high school art show (Photo) - 03/26/24

Last week, the ESD 112 hosted its annual Southwest Washington Regional High School Art Show, and seven student artists from Ridgefield High School took home a total of 10 awards! It all, 13 works of art by RHS students were submitted, and winners were announced last week via a virtual presentation.

To see a complete list of this year's winners, please visit https://www.esd112.org/news/excellence-in-art-announcing-the-2024-southwest-washington-regional-high-school-art-show-winners/. You can also watch the virtual awards presentation on YouTube here.

Regional Awards
These three students qualified for the Washington State Art Show by scoring in the top 15 of all artwork submitted to the Southwest Washington Regional High School Art Show. These students now advance to the 51st Annual Superintendent's High School Art Show, an annual event co-hosted by OSPI and the Washington Art Education Association (WAEA). High school students from all across the state participate in this artistic celebration each year. Regional award winners also receive $12,000 in scholarship funding from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

ESD 112 Awards
These two students received ESD 112 awards for scoring in the top 35 of all artwork submitted to the Southwest Washington Regional High School Art Show. ESD 112 award winners in the 11th or 12th grades receive $12,000 in scholarship funding from the Pacific Northwest College of the Arts. Winners in the 9th or 10th grades receive a $100 scholarship for participation in PNCA’s Pre-College Summer Intensive Program.

Honorable Mention
These two students received awards in recognition of their outstanding scores for creativity, composition, and technique. Regional award winners receive $4,000 in scholarship funding from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Staff Choice Award
This award is given to only one work of art each year. ESD 112 staff choose one work of art to purchase for permanent display in their office.

Central Washington University Department of Art + Design Scholarship Awards
These two students were selected to receive $2,000 scholarships for future enrollment at CWU. Only eight total student artists were honored with this award.

Congratulations to all of the students who participated, and best of luck to the three students who are headed to the state competition!