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Groundbreaking Approach To Psychosis & Other Mental Health Crises - Free Public Event - 11/04/18

Open Dialogue Approach Comes to Portland! - 10/23/18 


Groundbreaking treatment for psychosis and other mental health crises has shown excellent results in Europe and is coming to the U.S. Find out more at Rethinking Psychiatry’s next meeting, Nov. 7, 7-9pm.


Clinician Alita Markus will explain Open Dialogue, a program that has been used for years in Europe to help young adults experiencing a mental health crisis, on Wednesday, November 7, from 7-9 p.m., at the Montavilla Methodist Church (232 SE 80th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97215). Markus recently completed an intensive training for trainers program in Finland, where Open Dialogue originated. She is launching an Open Dialogue training center in Tacoma, WA.


Open Dialogue is a community-based, non-expert, need-adapted form of help. Markus described it as “a humane and democratic way of approaching mental health crisis.” It is a collaborative process, and is a very different approach to dominant models of mental health treatment in America--and it works! People who go through the Open Dialogue program have overall dramatically better outcomes than people who utilize standard approaches.


For more information about Open Dialogue, see:


Open Dialogue is a groundbreaking program that can truly change lives. As one participant of a recent Open Dialogue training said, “This was a profound experience for me. At different times, I found myself humbled, excited and intrigued by this new way of thinking and being. I feel I have just begun a path of learning and look forward to the next leg of the journey.”


We welcome members of the community to this important talk: clinicians, people who have experienced mental health crisis, and interested others. Rethinking Psychiatry is a grassroots, volunteer-run community organization that advocates for healing and choices within and beyond our mental health system. All are welcome to our discussion of Open Dialogue. The venue is ADA-accessible and close to public transportation. The event is free, but donations are welcome and appreciated.

If you have questions about the event or about Rethinking Psychiatry, please e-mail">"> or call 971-227-9727.

For questions about Open Dialogue and the upcoming training and pilot program in Tacoma, please e-mail Alita Markus at">"> or 253-343-2442.

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