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News Release
UPDATE -- Previous Release Jan 10, 2018 (attached) - Pendleton Man Lodged on Multiple Fish and Wildlife Charges in Umatilla County -- UPDATE - 06/11/18

St. Pierre plead guilty to the following charges:

-Unlawful take of a trophy whitetail buck

-Trespass with a firearm

-Unlawful take of a trophy whitetail buck

-Unlawful take of a cow elk (X2)

-Exceeding annual bag limit

-Unlawful take of a mule deer buck

-Waste of a game mammal

-Hunting upon cultivated lands of another

-Unlawful take of trophy mule deer buck

-Waste of a game mammal

-Assisting or aiding another in the taking of a buck deer (X2)

-Unlawful take of a trophy bull elk

-Waste of a game mammal

-Unlawful take of a whitetail buck

-Waste of a game mammal

-Unlawful take of mule deer doe

-Waste of a game mammal

St. Pierre was sentenced to 5 years probation, lifetime hunting suspension, 30 days jail, $50,000 restitution, and $500 compensatory fine to be paid to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Youth Day Event.

OSP wants to thank all of the victims, witnesses, and the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office for all of their help on this lengthy investigation.




News Release from Oregon State Police
Posted on FlashAlert: January 10th, 2018 12:28 PM

Downloadable file: Buck_Pic_(2).png

After a lengthy investigation involving Troopers of the Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife Division in Pendleton, a Pendleton area man was arrested on January 6, 2018 for multiple misdemeanor charges related to the illegal taking of wildlife on private and public lands within Umatilla County.

In September of 2017 an OSP Fish & Wildlife Trooper received information about alleged illegal hunting activities. As the investigation progressed, the primary suspect was identified as JOSEPH REIDE ST. PIERRE, age 18, from Pendleton, who was alleged to be illegally Hunting, Taking, and Wasting Wildlife on both Public and Private Properties in Umatilla County.

Information obtained during the investigation alleged that JOSEPH REIDE ST. PIERRE was involved in the Unlawful Taking of Wildlife as far back as the fall of 2016, to include a large mule deer buck, 3 large whitetail bucks, and two antlerless elk.

On Saturday January 6th, 2018 JOSEPH REIDE ST. PIERRE was lodged at the Umatilla County jail for probable cause and arraigned on Monday January 8, 2018 for the following charges;
* Unlawful Take of Buck Deer Closed Season-4 counts
* Unlawful Waste of Game animal-2 counts
* Hunting on the Cultivated Lands of Another- 3 counts
* Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm Across a Public Way -2counts
* Hunting prohibited method: Shotgun with shot restrictions -- 1 count
* Unlawful Take of Antlerless Elk -- 2 counts
* Exceeding Annual Bag Limit Elk- 1 Count
* Criminal Trespass In The Second Degree-1 counts
* Criminal Trespass While in Possession of a Firearm-1 count
* Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm from a Motor Vehicle-1 count
* Hunting with the Assistance of Artificial light- 1-count
* Assisting of Aiding another in committing wildlife violation, Unlawful Taking of Buck Deer-2 counts

Anyone with information related to this investigation is asked to call the Turn-in-Poacher TIP hotline at 1-800-452-7888 or contact Trooper Tom Juzeler or Senior Trooper Ryan Sharp at the Pendleton office of the Oregon State Police 541-278-4090.

Information on the T.I.P. Reward Program:

The Oregon Hunters Association offers rewards to persons, through their T.I.P. fund, for information leading to the issuance of a citation to a person(s), or an arrest made of a person(s) for illegal possession, killing, or taking of bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, elk, deer, antelope, bear, cougar, wolf, furbearers and/or upland game birds and water fowl. T.I.P. rewards can also be paid for the illegal taking, netting, snagging, and/or dynamiting of game fish, and/or shell fish, and for the destruction of habitat.

In addition rewards may be paid for information leading to the issuance of a citation to a person(s), or an arrest made of a person(s) who have illegally obtained Oregon hunting/angling license or tags. People who "work" the system and falsely apply for resident license or tags are not legally hunting or angling and are considered poachers.

Bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose $1000
Elk, deer, antelope $500
Bear, cougar, wolf $300
Habitat destruction $300
Illegally obtaining Oregon hunting or angling license or tags $200
Game fish, shellfish $100
Upland birds, waterfowl $100
Furbearers $100

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