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Housing Stability Council Monthly Agenda - April 7, 2023 - 03/31/23

Mar. 31, 2023

The next Housing Stability Council meeting will be from 9:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Friday, April 7, 2023. The meeting will be held electronically due to the current COVID-19 health crisis. You can find all updated meeting materials on our website.

Webinar Meeting Only

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9:00: Meeting Called to Order - Roll Call 

9:05: Public Comment

9:30: Report of the Chair

9:45: Report of the Director

10:00: Affordable Rental Housing Division (pg. 05)

           Natasha Detweiler-Daby, Director, Affordable Rental Housing

  • MF Housing Transaction Recommendations: Tai Dunson-Strane, Production Manager    
    • Plambeck Gardens
    • Susan Emmons
  • Preservation PuSH – Woodspring Apartments: Martin Jarvis, State Tax Credits Program Analyst; Amy Cole, State Development Resources Manager
  • Preservation Pool – Milepost 5: Martin Jarvis, State Tax Credits Program Analyst; Amy Cole, State Development Resources Manager
  • Preservation NOFA Recommendations: Martin Jarvis, State Tax Credits Program Analyst; Michael Parkhurst, Preservation Program Manager; Roberto Franco, Assistant Director Development Resources and Production
  • PSH Rules Approval: Dana Schultz, Permanent Supportive Housing Program Analyst; Amy Cole, State Development Resources Manager  
  • LIFT Metro Allocation Project Recommendations: Becky Isom, LIFT and LAP Program Analyst; Amy Cole, State Development Resources Manager

11:30: Break

11:45: Disaster Recovery & Resilience (pg. 64)

          Ryan Flynn, Assistant Director, Disaster Recovery & Resilience

  • Coast Vineyard Tiny Home Village Project: Lauren Dressen, Chief Recovery Officer, Disaster Recovery & Resilience; Nathan Oetting, Housing Navigation Operations Lead

12:15: Homeownership Division (pg. 69)

  • Oregon Bond Loan Approvals:  Kim Freeman, Assistant Director Homeownership Programs
  • HAF Update: Ryan Vanden Brink, Assistant Director of Homeowner Assistance Programs

12:15: Housing stabilization Division (pg. 74)

          Jill Smith, Assistant Director, Housing Stabilization

  • US DOE 2023 State Plan: Dan Elliott, Senior Program and Policy Analyst and Danielle Safford, Weatherization Program Manager

 1:15: Meeting Adjourned

Attached Media Files: April HSC Agenda
OHCS uplifts Governor Kotek's signing of HBs 2001 and 5019 as a bold step to address the housing needs of the people of Oregon - 03/29/23

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) applauds Governor Tina Kotek who today signed bipartisan legislation addressing the state’s housing and homelessness crisis into law. 

“As Oregonians, we are bound by our shared values that all people have access to basic, fundamental needs to which affordable housing is fundamental,” said OHCS Director Andrea Bell. “This legislation marks forward progress in the direction of sustained effort to improve the quality of lives of the people of Oregon.  

“The way forward requires all of us and investments at the scale needed to tackle the affordable housing crisis. Our economies and our communities are stronger when all people have access to their basic needs to which housing is fundamental. We are grateful to Gov. Kotek for relentlessly working toward meaningful change and the Oregon Legislature for recognizing the criticality that investing in affordable housing is investing in family stability, children’s success, racial justice and the economic health of our entire state.” 

HB 2001 includes a suite of policy changes intended to address Oregon’s housing needs. Some of those impact OHCS directly; some do not. Policies that would affect OHCS and the work the agency does include:  

Dedicating Emergency Housing Account (EHA) funds, one of OHCS’ core homeless services programs, to providing services and assistance to school-aged children or their families who are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, homelessness.  

Changing Oregon’s eviction timelines and statutes, which do not affect state programs directly but impact OHCS’ and our partners’ ability to reach Oregonians at risk of becoming homeless and provide support to keep them stably housed. 

Creating a loan/grant program to support manufacturers of modular housing, prioritizing benefits to Oregonians who lost housing due to disasters, live on low incomes, or live on moderate income (in that order).  

Codifying the Oregon Housing Needs Analysis, which shifts Oregon’s land use program in a way that empowers cities to take actions that meaningfully increase housing production, affordability, and choice.   

As a companion to those policy changes, House Bill 5019, the Affordable Housing and Emergency Homelessness Response Package includes key housing investments that OHCS will distribute to create housing solutions. This includes $155 million to support Oregon children and families at risk of and facing homelessness. The urgent need for funding was proposed by the Governor in response to the homelessness state of emergency that she declared on her first full day of office. 

About Oregon Housing and Community Services

Oregon Housing and Community Services provides resources for Oregonians to reduce poverty and increase access to stable housing. Our intentional focus on both housing and community services allows us to serve Oregonians holistically across the housing continuum, including preventing and ending homelessness, assisting with utilities, providing housing stability support, financing multifamily affordable housing and encouraging homeownership.


OHCS launches new updates to data dashboards on affordable rental housing and homeownership - 03/10/23

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon Housing and Community Services has worked over the past several years to build up data systems to improve transparency around affordable housing development and services provided to households with low to moderate incomes. The two newly updated data dashboards, Affordable Rental Housing and Homeownership, reflect this work and commitment.  

“We are excited to announce updates and improvements have been made to the data dashboards that represent the collective work of and outcomes for the people of Oregon,” OHCS Director Andrea Bell said. “Let the data be yet another proof point that positive housing outcomes can prevail when we tackle the urgency of the affordable housing crisis with data-driven solutions that center our collective humanity.”    

The Affordable Rental Housing Dashboard provides data for OHCS-administered funding programs such as Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Local Innovation and Fast Track (LIFT). This dashboard provides details on the number of homes (units) the state has funded, if the properties are new construction or were preserved, if they are rural or urban, and other information about the affordable housing portfolio. Data shown is from January 2016 to September 2022.  

The Homeownership Dashboard shows data on who received counseling and education at a homeownership center, down payment assistance, Oregon Bond Residential Loans, and other program services that create pathways to homeownership. Data shown is from January 2017 to December 2022.  

These data dashboards are updated quarterly and will continue to evolve and change along with our programs as we work to improve service to Oregonians. Our vision is that all Oregonians will have access to safe, stable and affordable housing.   

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About Oregon Housing and Community Services 

Oregon Housing and Community Services provides resources for Oregonians to reduce poverty and increase access to stable housing. Our intentional focus on housing and community services allows the agency to serve Oregonians across the housing continuum, including preventing homelessness, providing housing stability supports, financing the building and preservation of affordable housing, and encouraging homeownership. 


OHCS Director Bell joins Governor Kotek and Hacienda CDC at the grand opening celebration of a new affordable housing community in Portland - 03/09/23

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Housing and Community Services Director Andrea Bell joined Governor Tina Kotek and Hacienda CDC leadership at the grand opening celebration of a new affordable housing community in Northeast Portland, Las Adelitas. OHCS is a funding partner for this Hacienda CDC housing development that more than 140 individuals and families will call home. 

During her remarks, Director Bell elevated that OHCS remains committed to addressing the root causes of our affordable housing shortage, including systemic racism and structural inequities communities on the margins face.  

“What we are here today actualizing is a vision turned into a course of action and I think for all of us, that is what hope looks like, that is what optimism looks like,” said Director Bell. “We are in a moment where perhaps it’s a once in a generation moment, where we have a blank page to rewrite our future as a state, and we are fortunate to have a housing champion in our governor. We are fortunate that we can come together and do the things that maybe a lot of folks think we can’t do.”

Read Hacienda CDC’s press release below for more information about today's grand opening celebration and the affordable housing community.

PORTLAND, Ore. — La Directora del Departamento de Vivienda y Servicios Comunitarios de Oregon, Andrea Bell, se unió a la Gobernadora Tina Kotek y a los líderes de Hacienda CDC para celebrar la apertura de una comunidad de vivienda asequible en el noreste de Portland llamada Las Adelitas. OHCS otorgo fondos para este complejo de vivienda de Hacienda CDC que será el hogar de más de 140 individuos y familias.  

Durante su discurso, la Directora Bell elevó que OHCS sigue con su compromiso de abordar las causas fundamentales de la escasez de viviendas asequibles, incluyendo el racismo y las desigualdades estructurales que enfrentan las comunidades con menos recursos.   

"Lo que estamos aquí hoy actualizando es una visión convertida en un curso de acción y creo que, para todos nosotros, así es como se ve la esperanza, así es como se ve el optimismo", dijo la Directora Bell. "Estamos en un momento en el que tal vez sea un momento único en una generación, en el que tenemos una página en blanco para reescribir nuestro futuro como estado, y tenemos la suerte de tener una campeóna de la vivienda en nuestra gobernadora. Tenemos la suerte de que podemos unirnos y hacer las cosas que tal vez mucha gente piensa que no podemos hacer ". 



Hacienda CDC Celebrates Grand Opening of Las Adelitas in Portland’s Cully Neighborhood


PORTLAND, Ore. (March 9th, 2023) – Hacienda CDC is proud to announce the grand opening celebration of Las Adelitas, a new community in the heart of Portland’s Cully neighborhood. The community was brought to life on the site of a once-neglected piece of land has now blossomed into a community designed for families and individuals looking for safe and affordable homes. Built with community in mind, Las Adelitas is now a place where residents can thrive and grow and access additional support through Hacienda’s holistic programming and services. 

Attendees were able to witness firsthand how Hacienda CDC’s commitment to creating affordable and accessible housing for families and individuals has most recently transformed the Sugar Shack into Las Adelitas, a community named after Female Mexican Revolutionaries, which aims to prioritizes the well-being of its residents and provides a platform for growth and opportunity.

The program started at 11:00 AM on Thursday., with opening remarks by Ernesto Fonseca, CEO of Hacienda CDC, who shared his vision for the project and spoke about Hacienda’s mission to support its existing and growing community. Also in attendance were Governor Tina Kotek, Director Andrea Bell of Oregon Housing and Community Services, Commissioner Carmen Rubio of Multnomah County, Councilor Mary Nolan of Oregon Metro, Bryan Guiney of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Molly Rogers of the Portland Housing Bureau, Cat Vielma of Red Stone Equity, Alex Salazar of Salazar Architect, Jaclyn Sarna of Hacienda CDC, and Vanesa Mendoza, a long-time Cully community member and Hacienda CDC staff. 

“We are thrilled to celebrate the grand opening of Las Adelitas and to see this community come to life,” said Ernesto Fonseca, CEO of Hacienda CDC. “Our commitment to creating affordable and accessible housing for families and individuals has transformed the Sugar Shack into a community that prioritizes the well-being of its residents and provides a place for stability, growth, and opportunity. People thought it couldn’t be done, but here we are in the heart of this beautiful space celebrating together. 

“When we all work together and we’re bold, and tenacious, we get stuff done… This is a community triumph. This project, this community, this home is going to transform this community… and it wasn’t easy but should be easier for communities to put resources together to get people homes in a place like this.” says Governor Tina Kotek

“We talk about change and today we are actualizing turning a vision into a force of action. And for me, from my seat, that is what hope looks like, that is what optimism looks like… This is not about numbers or abstracts, but how people are doing. How are the people we serve? And what we are seeing today is the manifestation of that course of action,” says Director Andrea Bell, Oregon Housing and Community Services.

The grand opening celebration concluded with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, tours of the community, a dance performance by Peru Baila Asi, and musical performance by Freddy Vilches.

Ernesto Fonseca, speakers from the grand opening event, and a resident from Las Adelitas are available for interviews by request.

For more information about Las Adelitas, visit lasadelitas.org

About Hacienda CDC

Hacienda CDC is a Latino Community Development Corporation that strengthens families by providing affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement and educational opportunities. For more information, visit haciendacdc.org.