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Coalition files ballot measures to ensure 100% Clean Electricity & a 100% Clean Economy (Photo) - 10/07/19

It’s time for bold climate action in 2020

PORTLAND ––  A coalition of organizations, including Oregon Environmental Council, filed statewide ballot measures today to ensure bold climate action in 2020. 

Less than a month ago, tens of thousands of Oregonians, and 7.6 millions worldwide, participated in a week of climate strikes calling for urgent protections for our shared climate future.

Our 100% Clean Economy ballot measure updates Oregon’s existing climate targets to align with what scientists tell us we have to achieve. The co-chief petitioners are Roger Worthington, a Bend businessman, and Nadia Gardner, a forestland owner and conservation professional from the north coast.

The measure ensures Oregonians have reliable, clean technology, like wind and solar power, while cutting Oregon’s emissions of greenhouse gases in half by 2035, and achieving a 100% clean economy by 2050 and a YES vote ensures healthier communities free of harmful pollution.

“Transitioning off fossil fuels has enormous health benefits,” said Jana Gastellum, Climate Program Director. “Today, our hearts, lungs, and bodies are assaulted by pollution from burning fossil fuels. And climate change will magnify health threats--including heat stroke, increasing the number of bad air quality days, and expanding insect borne illnesses. These common-sense measures protect our climate and our health.”

Our 100% Clean Electricity ballot measure commits Oregon’s electricity to come from 100% clean, affordable and reliable sources by 2045. The co-chief petitioners are Lisa Adatto, a retired entrepreneur from Lake Oswego, Chrissy Reitz, a registered nurse from Hood River, and Eric Richardson, Executive Director of the Eugene/Springfield NAACP. Wind and solar sources of energy are already cost-competitive against fossil fuels, and it’s getting cheaper every day to power our lives with clean electricity.

For more information about the ballot measures visit the official campaign website at 100% Ready for Clean Air or OEC’s push for bold action in 2020 on our website.


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