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News Release
Crump Lake Closed to Public Access - 11/19/21

Restrictions in place for state-owned land in Lake County

The Department of State Lands today announced restrictions to access of all state-owned land in and around Crump Lake, located in Lake County.

Following lowered water levels, the emergency closure of the lake was enacted to protect cultural artifacts and prevent damage to the environment and state property (OAR 141-088-0007).

All public access to Crump Lake is restricted until further notice, including:

  • Foot traffic
  • Access by motor vehicles, including off-road vehicles
  • All other uses

Archaeological objects and arrowheads may not be removed, defaced, or destroyed.

Users with permission from DSL may access the area for administrative or land management purposes. This includes government-owned vehicles on official business, public and private utility vehicles performing company business, vehicles involved in rescue or emergency activities, and access by those leasing adjacent lands from DSL who need to repair fences or engage in other activities related to their operations.

DSL will continue to evaluate lake conditions. For current status updates, visit www.oregon.gov/DSL or call 541-388-6112. 



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