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Summer School Zone Traffic Enforcement - 06/10/21

            The Medford Police Department is notifying the public that some Medford schools will have summer learning programs, which means adjacent school zones will be enforced this summer. Classes will be held Monday thru Thursday starting June 14th and ending on August 12th. Drivers need to be aware that school zones adjacent to the listed schools will be enforced. The schools holding summer classes are Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Hoover Elementary, Howard Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, McLoughlin Middle School, Central High School, North Medford High School and South Medford High School. The Kids Unlimited Academy starts holding classes June 14th and continues into the fall school year.  

            The Medford Police Department continues to remind drivers about the importance of School Zone Safety. We ask that drivers be aware of school zones and use caution when driving through them. It is important to know that fines for speed violations increase significantly when they are within a designated school zone. To help with public awareness we have included descriptions of the two categories of reduced school speeds in school zones. We have also included a link to the ODOT website with information on School Zones.


Zones Adjacent to School Grounds:

Will have signage displaying the speed limit at 20 MPH When Flashing or School Days 7AM – 5PM.


Zones at School Crosswalks away from Schools Grounds:

Will have signage displaying the speed limit at 20 MPH When Flashing or When Children are Present.


ODOT School Zone Information Link:

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