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Overpass after
Overpass after
Clean Up Efforts Along the Greenway - 02/17/21

Crews from Medford Police, Parks, and citizen volunteers focused on cleaning areas near Railroad Park and under the 10th and 12th street bridges last week.

In total, 70 cubic yards of garbage was removed from the Bear Creek Greenway including from the creek itself during the two day operation. Collected items included loose garbage, food wrappers, needles, cardboard, drug paraphernalia, and discarded plastic. All garbage removal was conducted during the day time and individuals were not asked or told to vacate the area.

During the cleanup, four individuals living along the Greenway were connected with the Urban Campground and moved their belongings to the camp.

The City also partnered with ODOT to clean a campsite on the southwest corner of the Exit 27 interchange and other identified areas within city limits.

The City’s trash collection is up over 30 percent from last year’s record total. Often times the areas being cleaned have bio-waste and drug paraphernalia that have to be handled and disposed of carefully, making the cleanups not only hazardous from a human perspective but also from a health perspective.

“Property ownership along the Greenway includes ODOT, Jackson County, City of Medford and private individuals and each have different rules of engagement with the residents of the camps and the resulting trash. We’re working with our state and local partners on a unified strategy to address these challenges,” said Deputy City Manager, Kelly Madding.

This week’s clean-up effort along the Greenway and recent initiatives to provide a place for homeless individuals to go, such as the Urban Campground, are indicative of the City’s dedication to assist our vulnerable population through a comprehensive effort of working with community partners to provide essential services such as housing, access to health care, food and more.

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