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Upcoming Distracted Driving Enforcement Operations Planned Heading into Labor Day Weekend (Photo) - 08/10/22

In the weeks leading up to Labor Day Weekend, the Lincoln City Police Department will be utilizing traffic safety grant funds to put extra patrol officers on duty specifically looking to enforce Distracted Driving laws. The emphasis for the officers working these enhanced enforcement operations is to find and stop drivers who are distracted by talking or texting on their cell phones, or using other electronic devices while they are operating their vehicle. It is imperative for drivers to maintain focus on the task of safely driving their vehicle and not let anything divert their attention from that task. Drivers talking or texting on their phone while driving are not able to fully focus on driving causing them to be more likely to become involved in a crash because their attention is diverted from the road. 

The Lincoln City Police Department last utilized the Distracted Driving Grant funds in April 2022. Five enhanced enforcement operations were conducted resulting in 21 citations being issued for distracted driving along with 5 citations issued for speeding, 1 citation issued for Driving While Suspended and 8 citations being issued for other violations including 1 for Careless Driving. 

Our goal for these operations is simple: to increase the safety of the citizens and visitors of Lincoln City by keeping distracted drivers off the roadways and preventing crashes that can cause injuries and cost lives. These grant funds were made possible through the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Impact.

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Lieutenant Jeffrey G. Winn

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