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Neighborhood Watch Group Starting in Lincoln City - 11/06/19

The Roads End Improvement Association (REIA), in conjunction with the Lincoln City Police Department (LCPD), is announcing the kick off of a new Neighborhood Watch group for the Roads End area. Chief Jerry Palmer and REIA Board member Marie McFarland have been meeting with her committee to establish the first Neighborhood Watch group in the city.

The main focus of this group is to add eyes on the area to assist the police in detecting suspicious events in the neighborhood before they become problems. In addition to the many more eyes observing the neighborhood, the Neighborhood Watch group is planning on some events for our neighbors to get acquainted with the neighbors in their areas. The group has already established block captains and is looking for more people to become involved.

McFarland states, "The police can't be everywhere, so we become the eyes and ears for the Police Department. We don't try to make contact or apprehend, we just let people know we are there. Our main function is to observe, recognize, and report as appropriate. We are coming together to keep an eye on our neighborhood and to assist our police department with their crime fighting and prevention. As we know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Chief Palmer said, "The Lincoln City Police Department is very proud and excited to partner with and support the Neighborhood Watch Program in our community. We are so glad Marie is spearheading this initial effort to establish Neighborhood Watch in Roads End, and we are hopeful other areas of town will follow Roads End's lead. We expect this to be an excellent partnership with our citizens."

McFarland and Palmer are happy to share this program with other groups in the city and help get their own Neighborhood Watch Programs going if anyone is interested. The Neighborhood Watch Program was first started in 1972. Its primary focus is to empower citizens to help in the fight against crime. This organization has become very popular with cities around the country and is sponsored by the Nationals Sheriff's Association. Lincoln City is joining the effort with Roads End leading the way. There are other neighborhoods in the city that are looking into starting programs of their own.

If you have questions about this program or wish to be put in touch with Marie McFarland and the Roads End group, please contact Lincoln City Police at 541-994-3636

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