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News Release
League of United Latin American Citizens Council 47013 Condemns Attempted Takeover of Government - 01/07/21

As the nations oldest and largest Latino Civil Rights organization, we defend our community from all attacks, especially those from White Nationalists that mean harm to our lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness.

Our country was attacked at the highest level as well at our state level yesterday.  This was instigated by an unhinged and untethered leader in Donald J Trump.  Whatever responsibility he holds, the domestic terrorists that plague our country and carry the Confererate and other flags hold just as much responsibilty.  This was a direct attack on our way of life!  Our republic will survive and we will continue to fight for the rights of our communities of color across the United States.  They did not succeed in the overthrow of our democratic republic.

We are seeing local militia participating in these acts of aggression including storming our own state house and governor's mansion yesterday at the same time as the domestic terrorists who beseiged the nations capital.  This indicates a coordinated attempt at destroying our government.

We are demanding in full throated anger that the laws used to hinder and hurt our population be turned and directed at those who are already injuring our democracy.

Regardless of political affiliation we must recognize that our country is reliant on heroic and empowered individuals taking a stand and representing all of our voices.  This fight for rights has not changed.  This is still the right path we as a council and as a community take - be comfortable that you are supported and backed by centuries of our people who stood and died for our rights as individuals in this nation and continent.

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