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Tip of the Week - PNG
Tip of the Week - PNG
Tip of the Week for May 29, 2023 - Safety Tips for Runners (Photo) - 05/25/23


The Newport Marathon is just around the corner, so we can expect to see local and guest runners hitting the road on June 3rd. Motorists should use extra caution, not only during special events like this, but throughout the year. Whether you are a well-seasoned runner or just beginning your running activities, there are some things you should consider to keep yourself safe while running. The time of day and weather impact not only how you feel on your run but can also be more dangerous depending on the situation. Before heading out on your next run, consider these tips. 

Before the Run

  • Run with another person or a group.
  • Let someone know when and where you are running and when you will return.
  • Carry ID and a cell phone. Consider adding a small card with an emergency contact and any allergies or known medical conditions.
  • Take a whistle with you.
  • Dress for the weather and running conditions. Wear layers and sturdy shoes.
  • Wear reflective clothing or gear regardless of the time of day.
  • Don’t wear headphones or anything that distracts you. This will help keep you aware of cars passing by and animals you may encounter on your route.
  • Vary the route and the time of day that you run.
  • If you must run at night, remember to wear a headlamp and a flashing red light on your back. Consider additional reflective gear.
  • Remember to stretch! Stretching before running and regular flexibility and strength training help prevent future injuries.

During the Run

  • Run against traffic so that you can observe the approach of automobiles.
  • When possible, run on sidewalks or designated trails/pedestrian paths.
  • Remember to hydrate. Runner’s belts and vests make it easier to carry water and snacks.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature and how your body feels. If you start to overheat, feel dizzy, or otherwise unwell, take a break in the shade and drink water.
  • Stay alert. When in doubt, follow your intuition. If something seems suspicious, do not panic, but run in a different direction.
  • Do not approach a car to give directions. If you feel you must respond, do it while moving.
  • Run in familiar areas. Note the location of neighbors or open businesses along the route.
  • When in doubt call for help. For an emergency, call 911. Non-emergency dispatch can be reached at 541-265-0777, or call a friend and keep them on the phone until you feel safe again. 

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