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News Release
Tip of The Week for September 14, 2020 - Youth Bike Safety (Photo) - 09/10/20



Date:                September 10, 2020           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact:           Sheriff Curtis Landers

                        (541) 265-0652



We’ve discussed bike safety in the past, but we would like to touch on the rules of the road.  There remains a misconception to many bicyclists that they don’t have to obey stop signs and other traffic control devices.  Oregon law is very clear that every person riding a bike on a public roadway is subject to the same rules as the driver of a motor vehicle.  It’s also clearly stated that a bicycle is a vehicle for the purposes of the vehicle codes.


Does this mean a bicyclist can be cited for disobeying a stop sign?  Absolutely.  Can a person operating a bike while under the influence of intoxicants be arrested for DUII?  Yes again.  While there’s no need to read through the entire vehicle code, picking up and reading a driver’s manual from your local DMV office every other year is a good idea.  People should use good common sense and ride their bike in a safe and prudent manner.  Parents should teach the rules of the road to their children at an early age.  Here are some of the more common violations observed by police officers.

Operating a bike without proper lighting when required.  Just like with motor vehicles, lights are required forward and aft on a bike operating between sunset and sunrise.

Unlawful passengers on a bicycle.  Unless the bike is equipped for passengers, it’s unlawful to carry a passenger.  Riding on the handle bars is prohibited.

Confusion or indifference also continues over the wearing of approved helmets.  Oregon law requires that all children under the age of 16 wear an approved helmet while riding bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and in-line skates.  Your Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies are committed to ensuring the youth of our community are following safety requirements through enforcement and education.  As such, we would like to offer some helpful tips to parents on how to get their children to wear safety helmets in accordance with Oregon law.

  • Let your child help pick out the helmet
  • Help your child practice putting on the helmet until he or she can buckle the straps easily.
  • Always insist your child wear the helmet.
  • Make the rule - no helmet, no ride.  Anyone can get hurt anywhere at any time.
  • When you ride together, wear your own helmet.
  • Your own good example can make a big difference in encouraging your child to wear helmet.
  • Praise your child each time he/she wears the helmet.
  • Begin the helmet habit with the first tricycle or bicycle.  Then it will become a habit as your child grows.
  • Encourage other parents to buy helmets for their children.
  • Making helmets common is the best way to decrease the feeling of being "different."
  • Remember that your child's helmet is generally meant to withstand one accident – if that should occur, the helmet should be replaced.
  • While it is not required, it is a prudent choice for every bicyclist to wear a reflective vest while riding a bicycle during hours of darkness.  It increases your chances of being seen by motorists.

Use good common sense and follow the rules to a safe and fun ride on the roadways of Lincoln County and this state.

For more information and tips, visit our web site at and Like us on Facebook at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Oregon.

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