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Community invited to take in-depth look at Grandview classrooms during A Day with Our Scholars (Photo) - 10/03/19

You are invited to attend A Day with Our Scholars on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Once a year the Grandview School District organizes what could be thought of as a reverse field trip. Instead of taking our students out to see the community, we invite our community in to see our scholars.

We invite our parents and community members in to see the work our students are doing in the classroom, how students are using technology and get a feel for what the classroom environment is like.

This year we are offering a deeper dive to our visitors, and empowering them to spend some quality time in our classrooms. This year all five of our schools will be available during A Day with Our Scholars. During the event, our guests will get to spend more than 45 minutes visiting one building. During that time they can visit as many of the available classrooms as they would like. This means if someone is interested in how math is being taught at a certain grade level, they could spend the entire 45 minutes watching a math lesson. If someone is interested in getting a broader view, they are more than welcome to explore - making the visit fit their interests.

A Day with Our Scholars participants will also have a chance to talk to building administrators, as well as other parents and community members about their visits. It's going to be a great opportunity to come together and have a discussion around education in our community.

We'll be providing lunch and transportation during the event. If you are interested in joining us, please reserve your spot by calling the Grandview School District Office at (509) 882-8500.

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