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News Release
Spanish language audio for the blind and visually impaired rolls out - 06/13/22

A new Spanish audio service for the blind, visually impaired and the disabled, CGR Radio 4 En Español, is now live.

Community Growth Radio (CGR) in Vancouver WA has added a new service in Spanish for the blind and disabled with news and information and book readings. it also offers the blind and disabled Spanish speaking community education, news, health and wellness programming.

This Internet Audio Service is the fourth on line Internet stream to offer targeted programming in SW Washington and Oregon.

CGR 4 is the only full time Spanish service for the blind west of Colorado. It is on 7/24.

Programming comes from several sources, such as Program Share from The International Association of Audio Information Services, ACB Radio and Pacifica Radio Network, but the future plan is to have local in-home volunteer Spanish readers and to again have a regular studio for volunteers to read in person.

CGR Radio is seeking a place to have a regular office and studio. Currently, CGR Radio and the four streams has partnered with Royal Oaks Country Club in Vancouver and their Jenny Brown since the start of The VetNet Stream for Veterans.

CGR Radio has been in operation since 2013 and has been serving our community as an audio/radio reading service (there are about 30 similar services in the U.S.).

The Listen Link is http://station.voscast.com/629cdd6c58632, and all streams are on and do work (although some public places with firewalls may block it).

The Main page for CGR Radio is https://cgrradio2.wwwixsite.com/cgrradio