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News Release
Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team - Daily Update - January 14, 2021 - 01/14/21

Our local COVID-19 updates represent the coordinated effort of the agencies that make up the DCCRT




(Douglas County, Ore.)  Douglas County COVID-19 Test Results: As of 12:00 pm Today, Thursday, January 14, 2021, there are THIRTEEN (13) people with new positive test results and ONE (1) new presumptive to report since our noon case update yesterday.  The total number of cases (people with positive test results and presumptive) in Douglas County is now at 1,636*.  Currently, there are ELEVEN (11) Douglas County COVID-19 patients that are being hospitalized, eight locally and three out-of-the-area.  Our Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team, under the direction of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, who administer our local public health program and oversee the work by Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer, our Douglas County Public Health Officer and Douglas Public Health Network, continue to devote all resources available to our local COVID response.


Vaccine Distribution to Local Public Health

Good news today, our Local Public Health has received 500 more COVID-19 vaccines, and they have been distributed to approved local health care providers in Douglas County for immediate vaccination of ELIGIBLE Douglas County residents in accordance with the priority group guidelines and criteria set by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA).  Right now, we are still working through the identified priority populations in the first group (1a). (Click here for the most up-to-date list of eligible residents).  We ask for your continued patience, as we work through the maze of changes, logistic issues and limited vaccine distribution.  


COVID-19 Vaccine: An Issue of Supply and Demand

We wanted to let you know that even though you have heard reports that the CDC and OHA are making changes to the vaccine eligibility guidelines, it does not mean that the vaccine is available for everyone that is eligible in Douglas County at this time.  It is a supply and demand issue, that we have no control over.  While there is demand, and far more people that are eligible to get the vaccine, unfortunately the supply chain of vaccines has not caught up to the demand.  We continue to submit requests to OHA for more vaccines to be sent to Douglas County, so we can move forward with vaccinations for everyone that is eligible. At this time, we have not received enough vaccines to move to the next phase or wave, or to hold a large community event.  DPHN, through our Local Public Health Authority and Administrators, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, have set up a new email address for questions about COVID-19 vaccines in Douglas County.  The new email is for inquiries from residents, businesses, health care workers, medical offices and volunteers.  DPHN will do their best to respond with the most current information we have, sign up vaccinators and volunteers, and connect those that are eligible for the vaccine with those that have the vaccine, as soon as the vaccine becomes available. New Email for Douglas County COVID-19 Vaccine Questions:  For answers to questions about vaccine eligibility, availability and volunteer opportunities, please email



Douglas County, OR - COVID-19 - Case Update



January 10, 2021


January 11, 2021


January 12, 2021


January 13, 2021

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Total COVID-19 Cases






People w/ Positive PCR or Antigen Test Results












Total Currently Hospitalized






Total Currently in Isolation






Total COVID-19 Related Deaths






Total COVID-19 vaccines distributed to Local Public Health and Total administered to eligible residents






*Our daily update includes the total number of cases in Douglas County, which combines people with positive test results and presumptives, as well as a breakout of those case numbers. There will be times when a presumptive will move to a positive test result, and our total case number will not change because the case has already been counted. We added a new line to provide an accurate total of the number of vaccines that Local Public Health has received to date, as well as the number we have administered to eligible residents.  Our numbers do NOT include other sites like the Roseburg VA, Mercy Medical Center, EMS, Cow Creek Tribe and local care facilities that received their vaccines directly from the Federal and State Government in order to begin direct vaccinations to the first priority group. 


A Message from Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer, Our Douglas County Public Health Officer

We are very grateful that two safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, have been approved and have begun to arrive in Douglas County.  The two available vaccines have been purchased by the Federal Government, and have been distributed to Federal Agencies based on identified priority populations, and the remaining vaccines have been sent to State Health Authorities for distribution based on their identified priority populations. 


First Round Sent Directly from the Federal Government and their partners:

  • Through the Veterans’ Administration for the Roseburg VA Staff, and eventually patients.
  • To Lower Umpqua Hospital for their staff
  • To Mercy Medical Center for their staff
  • To Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians
  • Through the Federal Pharmacy Partnership for nursing homes, memory-care facilities and other congregate care sites.


Second Round Sent from OHA and their partners:

  • To EMS to vaccinate EMS providers and other first responders
  • To Local Public Health to Douglas Public Health Network


Just this week, DPHN has signed up several new vaccinators. Vaccinators are local health care providers that are interested in giving out the public health doses of vaccine in our community, and have been approved to do so. As of noon, January 12, a total of 400 doses had been delivered to Douglas Public Health Network, 100% of those vaccines have already been administered.  This vaccine has been shared among our fabulous community providers in Douglas County and has already been given, mostly to urgent care providers. This distribution has been following the current Phase 1a priority populations as set by the CDC and OHA.  These providers include:

  • Aviva
  • South River
  • Umpqua Health Alliance- Newton Creek
  • Nova Urgent Care
  • Several small practices


The recent announcement by the federal and state government indicates that there will be a shift in vaccine priorities beginning on January 23, 2021.  However, we do NOT have guidelines or rules on this change yet, so we are continuing with the current prioritization levels until we receive those new rules and guidelines.  We are hopeful that we receive them before January 23. Our focus remains on our most vulnerable populations, including first responders, those who live in nursing homes and health care workers that serve vulnerable populations. We also realize that age is the most potent predictor of bad outcomes, and we desperately want to protect our seniors. We want to distribute vaccine quickly, fairly and in a manner that prioritizes those who are most at risk for serious illness and death from COVID, especially our senior population.  But, we also recognize that eligibility for a vaccine, and availability of the vaccine, are not yet aligned.   We are working diligently with our state health partners to find a remedy for that.  If you want the vaccine, we want you to have it, and are working 24/7 to make that happen.


The Vaccine Plan for Douglas County is to continue to follow the priority guidelines, support our partners that are already providing vaccines, continue to expand the number of vaccinators locally and quickly funnel the local public health vaccines we receive to those providing vaccinations for the widest distribution of vaccine across the county.  We are working to have vaccinators all across the county, including in our coastal communities, like Reedsport. We intend to continue to distribute through our community partners, and are looking at the possibility of occasional large scale community events.  As of today, we have not received enough vaccine for any large community events. These large scale events will likely be by invitation only, to ensure that our most vulnerable and priority populations get vaccinated first, followed by other eligible people, hopefully in the very near future.   We expect to add a number of community vaccine providers to the list possibly including your doctor, your clinic and many local pharmacies.  In order to increase access to the vaccines, we are also planning to include new vaccine providers, like dentists!  Our goal would be to have the vaccine available at 30 or more sites scattered through the county, but of course, that depends on getting enough vaccine from the State and Federal government.


Right now, Local Public Health, DPHN and our partner vaccinators we are working through the priority populations in group 1A.  If you are in group 1A, please send an e-mail to, and we will try to match those who are not yet vaccinated with local vaccine providers, once we receive the vaccines.  When the new rules are finalized, and we start to receive more vaccines, we will begin to systematically offer them to additional eligible populations in an orderly, fair and equitable manner.


Reminder: All Douglas County Businesses Have the Ability to Be Open

We announced earlier this week that Douglas County residents and businesses would remain in our current State mandated risk level.  The State of Oregon notified Douglas County Monday, that we would not be moving out of the current level based on our COVID-19 case count over the last two weeks.  Douglas County will remain in the High Risk Level for the next two-week period, beginning Friday, January 15, 2012, and continuing through Thursday, January 28, 2021. This risk level allows ALL of our local business the opportunity to be OPEN, with some limitations on capacity. We want to continue to thank our residents and businesses for staying within the recommended guidelines, and for making good decisions in order for our communities to continue to stay open.  The new risk level does not affect the ability of faith based organizations and local school districts to offer in-person services and classes.  They are able to make decisions for their own congregations and educational programs. 



We will continue to encourage everyone, for the sake of our local businesses, services and residents, to gauge your risk level, and make the best choice in order protect yourself and those around you.  We have provided education on the widely proven COVID-19 safety measures, and encourage you to limit your contact with others not from your household, stay home if you are sick and wear face coverings where recommended.  We know how important family and faith are to you, so we ask that you consider all options available in order to eliminate and minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our communities in order to help protect the ones you love, the businesses you love and the places you love to go.

Local Cases Being Supported in Isolation and Quarantine

Currently, DPHN is supporting 164 cases in isolation, as well as another 304 contacts in quarantine in Douglas County. Isolation is recommended for confirmed and presumptive cases, quarantine is recommended for contacts of confirmed or presumptive cases.  Currently, staff is supporting an astounding 468 total contacts and cases in isolation or quarantine.  This number represents a snapshot of the significant amount of work being done locally to help control the spread of COVID-19.


COVID-19 Vaccine in Oregon

We understand that our residents have many questions, so do we.  Like you, we are patiently awaiting more vaccines and more information.  If you have questions or need more information about the COVID-19 vaccine in Oregon, check out the resources listed below.  In the meantime, we ask that you be patient and continue to follow the well documented recommendations for COVID health and safety. 



Oregon COVID-19 Information

OHA reports new cases daily on their website at  OHA reports include presumptive COVID-19 cases in their total case numbers.  The DCCRT separates the number of people with new positive test results and new presumptives, and uses OHA’s definition of presumptive as those having had close contact with a known, confirmed COVID-19 case, showing symptoms and not yet having a positive nasal swab/PCR or antigen test for COVID-19.  DPHN performs their epidemiologic investigations, identifying individuals who test positive, as well as those that may have had close contact with individuals that have tested positive while advising and supporting quarantine and isolation.  OHA has chosen to no longer report negative test results or recovered cases, so we will no longer be reporting this data in our daily update.  Please contact the OHA directly for more information.


Facebook Live with Dr. Bob

Join us Friday, January 15, 2021 at 4:00 pm for the next Facebook Live with Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer, the Douglas County Public Health Officer. The show is hosted by DPHN on the DPHN Facebook pageResidents are encouraged to submit their questions during the live show or can email questions to:">  Dr. Bob and the DPHN team will do their best to respond to as many questions as they can during the live shows.


Douglas County COVID-19 Hotline (541) 464-6550

Your Douglas County Board of Commissioners and DPHN continue to offer a local resource hotline for Douglas County residents for COVID-19.  The hotline provides answer to frequently asked questions, basic information and referrals to resources and services.  The Hotline is staffed from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, 7 days a week.



Stay up to date with accurate and local COVID-19 information in Douglas County on the Douglas County Government website or Douglas County Facebook page and the DPHN website or DPHN Facebook page.  Your Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Douglas County Public Health Officer, Dr. Robert Dannenhoffer, DPHN and the DCCRT have been working hard to cooperatively provide accurate and timely information to Douglas County residents since March 8, 2020. 



To access information on the State of Oregon and Federal COVID-19 response go to Oregon Health Authority, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and 211Info.  If you have questions or need more information on statewide guidelines or risk levels, go to the State’s Building a Safe and Strong Oregon website or the Governor’s COVID-19 website or call the Business Oregon's Navigator Hotline at (833) 604-0880.  Please do not call 911, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office or Douglas County Offices to report compliance issues with the State of Oregon, OHA or Governor’s orders.  The Governor has directed the State offices for Oregon Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to be the enforcement agencies responsible for ensuring restaurants, bars, and other businesses comply with COVID-related guidelines.  To report compliance issues contact them directly OSHA: (800) 922-2689 or OSHA website or OLCC (503) 872-5000 or OLCC website




Contact Tamara Howell, Public Information Officer, Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team, (541) 670-2804 cell (541) 957-4896   

Contact Vanessa Becker, Public Information Officer, Douglas Public Health Network, (541) 817-6552 cell (541) 440-3571

Attached Media Files: DCCRT
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