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News Release
Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team - Daily Update - October 11, 2020 (Photo) - 10/11/20

Our local COVID-19 updates represent the coordinated effort of the agencies that make up the DCCRT




(Douglas County, Ore.) Douglas County COVID-19 Test Results: The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team continues to focus our efforts on our local COVID-19 response.  As of 12:00 pm today, Sunday, October 11, 2020, there are NO new positive test results since our noon case update yesterday.  The total number of cases (people with positive test results and presumptive) in Douglas County remains at 287*.  Currently, there are FOUR Douglas County COVID-19 patients being hospitalized locally.


Douglas County, OR - COVID-19 - Case Update



October 7, 2020


October 8, 2020


October 9, 2020


October 10, 2020

Today, Sunday,

October 11, 2020

Total COVID-19 Cases






People with Positive

PCR or Antigen Test Results












Total Currently Hospitalized






Total Currently

in Isolation






Total COVID-19 Related Deaths






Total Negative

Test Results







*Our daily update includes the total number of cases in Douglas County, which combines people with positive test results and presumptives. We provide a breakout of the people with positive test results and presumptives in the chart above. Please note there will be times when a presumptive will move to a positive test result, and our total case number will not change because the case has already been counted, instead you will see an adjustment to our breakout numbers for positive test results and presumptives.


Keep Prevention at the Top of Your Priority List

Even though we have a reprieve today with no new cases, this is not the time to relax or forgo your preventative COVID-19 health and safety measures.  The DCCRT team continues to encourage residents to protect themselves and their loved ones by practicing prevention measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 


Residents can protect themselves and their families by following these simple, basic health and safety precautions:

  • Washing and sanitizing your hands frequently.
  • Staying at least six feet apart from anyone not from your immediate household.
  • Staying home from work, shopping, school and play if you are sick.
  • Minimizing travel and limiting visitors.
  • Wearing a mask were recommended.


Our recent cases can be attributed to travel and unwitting and unintentional behavior by residents choosing to attend or host social gatherings where COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing, food preparation, hand washing and masks are not being followed.  Cases have been linked to social gatherings including: birthday parties, weddings, funerals, prayer groups, play dates, visiting family members and back–to-school events. Again, we ask that you take a moment and revisit how you are socializing and please protect yourself and your loved ones from the spread of this virus.  Please stay safe and remember to be kind to others. Stopping the increase of COVID-19 cases in our county is really up to YOU, our residents.


OHA Definition for Recovered

Previously, we used the OHA definition for recovered that considered people recovered if they were 10 days from onset and symptoms were improving.  As more is learned about COVID, the clinical definition of recovery is evolving.  Due to the evolving nature of this definition, we have removed the column in our chart listing our recovered cases.  We added the number of those in isolation that roughly correlates with the number of active cases.  The DCCRT noon case and daily update will report the Total Number of COVID-19 Cases, the number of positive test results (as of 12:00 pm that day), the number of presumptive, total currently hospitalized, total currently in isolation, total COVID-19 deaths and total negative test results in Douglas County.  Currently, DPHN is supporting 34 cases in isolation, as well as another 157 contacts in quarantine in Douglas County.  Isolation is recommended for confirmed and presumptive cases, quarantine is recommended for contacts of confirmed or presumptive cases.  This number represents a snapshot of the significant amount of work being done by our county and our public health to help control the spread of COVID-19.


Getting Tested & Testing Clinics

The next drive-through testing clinic will be Tuesday, October 13, 2020, in Roseburg. As a reminder, if you are having symptoms of COVID-19 including cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches and pains, diarrhea, sore throat or decreased sense of smell and taste, talk to your health care provider about being tested for COVID-19.  Patients without a Primary Care Provider, that are looking for a COVID-19 test should contact the Sutherlin Aviva Health Clinic at (541) 459-3788. The first drive-through testing site was piloted in the county on March 17, 2020, there have been 1639 people tested in 80 drive-through clinics, while additional testing continues in hospitals, urgent cares and clinics. The drive-through clinics are led by DPHN, in conjunction with partner agencies including; Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team, Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas County Public Works, local volunteers and local health professionals.


Oregon COVID-19 Case Update

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reports new cases once a day on their website at OHA also releases a daily situation status report and a weekly report that details the overall picture of the COVID-19 outbreak within our state.  The daily report details positive and presumptive cases, as well as deaths by county and statewide, while the weekly report is more in depth and includes statistical data related the severity of cases by age, gender, zip codes, ethnicity, as well as information on workplace and senior care facility outbreaks in Oregon. Find additional information on the state or Federal COVID-19 response go to Oregon Health Authority, Centers for Disease Control, and 211Info.  


Oregon COVID-19 Presumptive

OHA expanded their reporting for COVID-19 case management to now include presumptive COVID-19 cases in their total case number.  DPHN is reporting the number of people with new positive test results and any new presumptives and uses the OHA’s definition of presumptive as having had close contact with a known, confirmed COVID-19 case, showing symptoms and not yet having a positive nasal swab/PCR or antigen test for COVID-19.  Testing continues, as DPHN has been holding 2-3 clinics a week and hospitals, urgent cares and clinics continue to test.  DPHN continues their epidemiologic investigations, identifying individuals who may have had close contact with individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19, advising and supporting quarantine and isolation.


COVID-19 Travel Caution: Please Limit Travel, Social Gatherings and Visitors

We will continue to encourage residents to be cautious about traveling or inviting people from outside our county, and instead encourage our residents to delay travel, consider stay-cations and reschedule visits from out-of-the-area friends and family to a later date.  We continue to identify people with positive test results that have chosen to travel out of Oregon to visit relatives or to take vacations.  While traveling those individuals and families have come in contact with someone with COVID-19 and brought it back to Douglas County.  We have expanded our list of states directly related to our cases though travel, they include Alaska, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts and Wyoming.  A few other cases were the result of a family member coming to Douglas County to visit, brought the virus with them and infected their host family.


Facebook Live with Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer

Join us Tuesday, October 13, 2020 for the next virtual town hall Q&A with Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer, your Douglas County Public Health Officer at 6:00 pm, hosted by DPHN and found on the DPHN Facebook page.


OHA: Facebook Live Event October 14 For Safe, But Still Spooky and Fun Halloween Tips

Shared from OHA.  COVID-19 is reshaping how Oregonians celebrate holidays, including Halloween. But that doesn’t mean Halloween can’t still be spooky and fun this year! Join OHA on Wednesday, October 14 at NOON for tips on how to celebrate safely and to have your questions answered by our experts directly.  OHA Facebook.


OHA: Tips for Keeping Your Face Covering Effective During Rainy Weather

Shared from OHA.  The rain has arrived! But, most Oregonians are used to getting wet, and in fact many don’t mind the rainy season, because it means more water and necessary moisture for our beautiful lakes, rivers, fields and forests.  But, during the rain, it can be difficult to keep a facemask dry and effective.  Check out the graphic below for some tips on how to deal with rain and face coverings.  Letting your face covering get wet may decrease its effectiveness and also make it difficult to breathe.  Make sure to keep your mask dry by wearing a rain jacket with hood and/or carrying an umbrella and/or having another means to shield your face covering from the rain.  You may also want to carry a spare, just in case. 


Wildfire Information and Recovery Assistance

Douglas County Board of Commissioners, set up a webpage for Douglas County Wildfire Information and Updates.  The webpage includes wildfire updates, as well as information about recovery and assistance programs available for those affected by the recent wildfires.  Currently, residents affected by the recent wildfires can sign up for a program to assist them with the removal of household hazardous waste at no cost to them.  Click here to access the Douglas County “Free Wildfire Household Hazardous Waste Removal Program” information webpageTo apply for the free household hazardous waste removal program, residents affected by the local wildfires just simply need to fill out and return the Right-of-Entry Permit Form as soon as possible to grant state contractors access to your property. The link will take you to a webpage that is being managed by a consultant for the state of Oregon that is managing household hazardous waste removal.  Please note that residents must act by October 15, 2020 in order to participate.   For additional information about this program, residents can call (541) 440-6011.  


Local wildfire information is available directly from the links listed here.  The Archie Creek Fire & Thielsen Fire Website, Facebook page, phone number: (971) 334-7674 or  (541) 625-0687 and emails:"> and  Please continue to monitor the Douglas Forest Protective Association’s Website and Facebook page for additional local wildfire updates.  For current evacuation information please continue to monitor the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office website or Facebook page.   Please call 911 to report any signs of new fires.



Stay Informed with Accurate Local Information

Stay up to date on COVID-19 in Douglas County on the Douglas County Government website or the DPHN website.  Your Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Douglas County Public Health Officer, Dr. Robert Dannenhoffer, DPHN and the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team (DCCRT) have been working hard to cooperatively provide accurate and timely information to Douglas County residents since March 8, 2020.  Our local COVID-19 updates represent the coordinated effort of the agencies that make up the DCCRT. 


Douglas County Resource/COVID-19 Hotline: (541) 464-6550:

Douglas County Commissioners and Douglas Public Health Network have added a resource and referral service to the current COVID-19 hotline for Douglas County residents.  The added service will help residents get connected to resources and services due to the local wildfires.  Referral and resource information will be available about local emergency shelters, livestock and animal boarding options, donation locations, volunteer opportunities, welfare check referrals, food and water resources and help with health and wellness questions.  This is NOT the hotline for Fire Updates or Evacuation information.  Please contact or follow DFPA and DCSO for the most up-to-date wildfire information.  The Resource/COVID-19 Hotline is (541) 464-6550.  It is staffed from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, 7 days a week until further notice.  (Please note that the hotline hours were adjusted on September 23, 2020.)


Questions about Governor’s Reopening or Statewide Rules?  If you have questions or need more information go to the Governor’s COVID-19 website at or call the Business Oregon's Navigator Hotline at (833) 604-0880.  For information on COVID-19 in Oregon, call 211 or visit 211info


Who Do You Contact to Report Compliance Issues with the Governor’s Statewide Rules?  Please do not call 911, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office or Douglas County Offices to report compliance issues with the Governor’s orders.  The Governor has directed the State offices for Oregon Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to be the enforcement agencies responsible for ensuring restaurants, bars, and other businesses comply with COVID-related rules.  


For more information or to report compliance issues contact:

OSHA: (800) 922-2689 or OSHA website

OLCC (503) 872-5000 or OLCC website





Contact Tamara Howell, Public Information Officer, Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team, (541) 670-2804 cell/(541) 957-4896

Contact Vanessa Becker, Public Information Officer, Douglas Public Health Network, (541) 817-6552 cell (541) 440-3571

Attached Media Files: DCCRT
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