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A Temporary Outdoor Art Walk at Columbia Springs - 11/26/19

The way water moves through the earth by Artist Erin Dengerink

December 9th to 14th at Columbia Springs

Artist Erin Dengerink, in collaboration with Columbia Springs, will create a series of temporary sculptures on the trails. The art will appear on trails for the second week of December. Made mostly of rocks and ice, the artwork will slowly transform. The ice is blobby and can be seen as an alien form or a magical fungus emerging form the dirt. The ice will turn to water the rocks will remain. The rocks themselves will be artfully place to mimic a river bed or pond, with colorful stones. The sculptures embrace chance, change, and our connection to the earth. Dengerinks goal is to help visitors see the Columbia spring trail in a new way, by making art that is curious and surprising .

Visitors who see the artwork early on will have a very different experience than those who visit later. It can be satisfying to see the work multiple times to experience it in different states of being. There is no way to accurately predict how long the ice will stay. Weather will dictate how fast the work changes. Visit Columbia Springs on Dec. 9th to see the artwork being installed and a few times during the week to watch it change. 

View some of Dengerinks's work on her website at

Columbia Springs is a 100-acre natural area providing educational programming in partnership with The Vancouver Hatchery. The site is located at 12208 SE Evergreen Hwy., Vancouver WA. 

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