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Cascadia Earthquake Anniversary is this Thursday - 01/24/23

Clatsop County Emergency Management is reminding residents that the anniversary of the last Cascadia Earthquake is around the corner.

“This Thursday it will be 323 years since our area experienced the earthquake and tsunami,” said Justin Gibbs, Clatsop County emergency management director.

At around 9 p.m. Tuesday, January 26, 1700, a severe earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 8.7-9.2 occurred in Clatsop County. The severe shaking caused subsidence—that means the land dropped by about 6 feet—and a tsunami arrived ashore approximately 15-25 minutes later. 

“Today, living in Clatsop County means you probably are aware of a potential Cascadia earthquake. Cascadia Earthquake Awareness Day was created to encourage people to create a disaster plan and prepare for emergencies,” he said.

While experts cannot predict when the next “big one” will occur, they agree that the region is overdue for another catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. 

“As the County increases its ability to prepare for such an event, we encourage you to take a few moments this Thursday, January 26 to increase your level of preparedness,” Gibbs said. 

Some steps you can take are:


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