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News Release
Joint Release - Customers in Wilsonville, Sherwood Asked to Voluntarily Limit Non-Essential Water Usage - 07/30/22

WILSONVILLE, Ore. — The overnight failure of a water pump at the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant (WRWTP) – which provides potable water to the cities of Wilsonville and Sherwood – has temporarily reduced the Plant’s ability to effectively pump a high-demand volume of treated water to customers. 

In order to ensure that every community member maintains a sufficient supply of water to meet their most critical needs, the Cities of Wilsonville and Sherwood are issuing a voluntary Water Curtailment Notice.  Customers in both cities are being asked to voluntarily suspend non-essential high-water usage activities (including outdoor irrigation, washing cars, etc.) 

Water remains safe for drinking; water quality has not been affected. The curtailment is in effect because the pump failure inhibits the Plant’s ability to effectively meet the highest demand. 

Just after 11:30 pm on Friday, July 29, the Willamette River Water Plant suffered a transmission pump failure. The failed pump is one of four transmission pumps at the plant, which produces water for the Cities of Wilsonville and Sherwood. The plant is able to produce potable water but is unable to transmit sufficient quantities of water to the respective reservoirs to meet high demand. 

This notice is expected to remain in effect for about 5-7 days, until a replacement part is procured and installed. When the curtailment notice is lifted or if additional measures become necessary, customers will be advised.

The Cities of Wilsonville and Sherwood appreciate the support and cooperation of all residential and commercial water users. Refraining from activities like watering the yard, washing cars, extensive use of dishwashers and washing machines, and long showers ensures that all community members have sufficient water to meet critical needs for hygiene and consumption. 

Effective ways to conserve water in and around the home include: 

• When hand-washing dishes, don't let water run; fill one sink with wash water, the other with rinse water. 

• Suspend irrigation entirely or, at a minimum, adjust timed sprinklers as necessary. 

• Run your clothes washer and dishwasher only when they are full. 

• Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. 

• Use the garbage disposal sparingly; compost vegetable food waste instead. 

• Turn off the water while you wash your hair. 

Water Features ON; Extreme Heat Advisory Remains in Effect

While the City’s Parks & Recreation Department is suspending irrigation in City parks and other facilities, this notice does not affect operation of water features in either city, as these features are capable of disinfecting and reusing their existing water supply, much like a commercial pool.

  • Wilsonville: Murase Plaza and Town Center Park open daily until 8 pm. 
  • Sherwood: Cannery Square and Snyder Park open daily until 8:30 pm.

The region’s extreme heat advisory remains in effect. Libraries in Wilsonville and Sherwood are remaining open today until 8 pm, to provide community members temporary shelter during peak high temperatures. Visit the City of Wilsonville’s Extreme Weather Resource Guide for additional resources, including a list of cooling centers throughout Washington and Clackamas Counties. 

This Water Curtailment Notice is being sent by City of Wilsonville, State Water System ID# OR4100954 and the City of Sherwood, State Water System ID#4100816.

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