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Surplus PCV pipe
Surplus PCV pipe
Free surplus PCV pipe available from the City of Rainier, Oregon (Photo) - 11/12/19

The City of Rainier, Oregon is making available a limited supply of surplus weathered PCV pipe for free immediately, on a “first-come, first-served” basis until Monday morning, November 18, 2019.

The PCV is weathered—it has been sitting outside and in the elements for several years-- and is not suitable for code-level work but can be used in other projects and for other uses.

Those wanting it must come to the Rainier Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on West B Street, across from the City Boat Launch Parking, near the Senior Center, and are responsible for hauling what they take. The available PCV is located along the street outside the wastewater treatment plant.

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Rainier OR Historical Museum to honor area Veterans on Saturday, Nov 9 (Photo) - 11/03/19

The Rainier Oregon Historical Museum will be honoring Rainier-area Veterans and all who have served our country on Saturday, November 9 from noon until 4 P.M. at the museum located on the 3rd floor of the Rainier City Hall, 106 West B Street, in Rainier. 

Each Rainier-area veteran will be honored with an 8” x 10” photo. 

This is the third year that the Rainier museum has honored their Veterans.  In the last three years our exhibit has grown to 198 veteran photos and snapshots from World War II, the Vietnam and Korean War.  All these pictures have been put on a CD, a copy of which may for purchased for $5.00 each. 

The exhibit will also include war memorabilia and uniforms donated and shared by local veterans.  If you would like to honor a family member who has lived in the Rainier area, you can submit their photo and military history to be added to next year’s exhibit.

 The Rainier museum is open Saturdays from noon until 4 P.M., except holiday weekends.


Medication disposal box at Rainier Police Department
Medication disposal box at Rainier Police Department
Rainier Police Department makes disposal of unneeded prescriptions easy (Photo) - 10/25/19

Bottles of pills, elixirs, and other medically prescribed drugs have a way of piling up around the house, becoming a hazard to kids, pets, and others. They often are left over from when a condition was finally cured, have lingered passed an expiration date, or perhaps a visiting a patient has left them behind or when someone passes away.

Dumping them down the drain is not a recommended practice nor is tossing them in the trash.

A safe and recognized way to dispose of these medications is to drop them as a safe box. Many pharmacies have one, but in Rainier, there is yet another alternative, a large mailbox type container in the lobby of the Rainier Police Department, 106 West B Street—at City Hall facing Hwy 30. It allows for the secure deposit and disposal of unneeded prescriptions, which are then safely disposed of by the police.

The box can also be used to dispose of over-the-counter medications.

The box is accessible to the public (one need not be a Rainier resident to make use of it), during standard business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, excepting legal holidays or staffing issues.

Police Chief Greg Griffith asked that prescriptions be brought in for deposit in a secure container, so that the bottom of the deposit box is not filled with loose pills.

“It need not necessarily be the original container,” said Griffith. “Also, it is acceptable to black out identifying information on a prescription bottle, though it is not required.”

If you have questions, contact the Rainier Police Department at the non-emergency telephone number, (503) 556-3644 during business hours.


Rainier Trunk-or-Treat Sunday, October 27 2-5pm - 10/23/19

An all-ages "Trunk-or-Treat" event is scheduled for the A Street Plaza in Rainier, Oregon on Sunday, October 27 from 2 to 5 p.m.

Presented by Hometown Pizza, the family friendly event will feature an all-ages costume contest, games, and prizes. 

Kay Steele
Kay Steele
Rainier Police raising funds for local breast cancer patient as part of "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (Photo) - 10/21/19

October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and the Rainier Police are showing support for the event by not only wearing pink badges on their uniforms, but by stepping up to raise funds for a local woman undergoing treatment for the disease.

Kay Steele, known to most as “Miss Steele,” of Clatskanie, who has worked for more than a decade at the Chevron Food Mart in Rainier, was diagnosed with breast cancer this past July.

 “I was lucky,” said Steele. “I went in for a long overdue mammogram and they called me before I got home from my exam with the news. Before that, I had no symptoms.”

Since that summer day, Steele has undergone treatment for her Stage I cancer and is praying for a successful recovery.

She gave up on trying to keep her hair through the treatment, and finally shaved it off. “It was a relief to not having it falling out in clumps,” she said.

The biggest toll to her and her family has been her time away from work. She has used all her family leave time and is facing another round of treatment that will result in more time off the job.

To help to ease those concerns about money, the Rainier Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Gregg Griffith is holding a fundraiser at the Rainier Chevron Food Mart, 312 West B St. on Saturday, October 26 from 2 to 6 p.m. Donations will be taken and can be easily contributed by just driving up and handing them to a waiting officer.

“Everyone has been touched by this disease at some point,” said Griffith. “We all know someone who has suffered from breast cancer or had a family member or friend faced with its challenges. We want to let the community know we care and this is a great way to give back.”

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