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Remember to Check the License When Hiring Contractors for Winter Storm Clean Up - 01/31/24

The winter storms over the January holiday weekend brought down trees and cut power to homes, causing damage in innumerable ways. Now, in the weeks following those storms, homeowners must recover and move on. Many will hire contractors to clear trees, make home repairs and restore their landscape to its original beauty. 

At this time, the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) and Landscape Contractors Board (LCB) would like to remind homeowners that it’s important to hire licensed contractors when paying someone to perform work. 

“People understandably want to act with speed after storm or disaster causes damage to their home, but a little due diligence when selecting a contractor to help with the clean-up and repairs is an essential step,” said Chris Huntington, Administrator of the Construction Contractors Board. “Check the license to make sure the business is licensed, bonded and insured and spend some time reviewing the materials on the CCB site to understand best practices for working with a contractor and what needs to be covered in your contract. Your home is your most valuable investment and you need to protect it by working with licensed contractors.”

Construction Contractor or Landscape Contractor?

Nearly everyone who repairs, remodels or builds a residential structure needs a CCB license.

Except in limited circumstances where irrigation work may be performed by a CCB licensed plumbing contractor, planting and irrigation work must be done by a landscape contractor licensed with the LCB. “If you’re going to hire someone to replant trees you lost in a storm, or if you need to have repairs done to your irrigation system, make sure you protect yourself and hire a licensed landscape contractor. Ask for their LCB number and verify that they are current on the Landscape Contractors Board website,” said Annie Von Domitz, Administrator of the Landscape Contractors Board. 

Contractors with either type of license (LCB or CCB) can perform work involving decks, fences, patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, landscape edging, arbors, and water features and tree removal work. 

Have questions about when to hire an LCB licensed contractor and when to hire a CCB licensed contractor? Contact CCB or LCB. 

Benefits of CCB and LCB Licensure

Licensed contractors are bonded and insured, to help protect consumers when things go wrong on the jobsite. CCB and LCB both provide mediation services to help iron out disputes that arise between homeowners and their contractors. People who use unlicensed contractors don’t have access to the service. Finally, consumers can access 10 years of history on any contractor’s license by looking up the license through the license search on CCB and LCB websites. 

How to Check the License

To verify a CCB license:

  • Visit www.oregon.gov/ccb
  • Enter the license number or name in the orange “Search” feature.
  • Verify that the license is “active,” that the contractor carries the endorsement for residential work, and that the name and other information on the license matches the contractor you are considering. 
  • Call 503-378-4621 for help searching or understanding the results.

Contractors and consumers can report unlicensed contractors and other illegal activity on the CCB’s website or by calling 503-934-2246.

To verify an LCB license: 

  • Visit www.oregon.gov/lcb and click “Verify a License”
  • Enter the contractor’s license number or name in the “search” box.
  • Verify that the license is active.
  • Call 503-967-6291 if you need help verifying an LCB license.

How to Find a Contractor

When looking for contractors, get references from friends and neighbors, or others in the construction industry, such as supply stores. Contractors seeking work through online lists must include their CCB or LCB number in all advertising. However, the CCB and LCB advises consumers against relying on online references alone.

Signs It’s a Scam

Disasters like winter storms can bring out scam artists who prey on disaster victims in need of help. Watch for the signs of a scam including:

  • Contractor solicits door to door, pressures you to act now
  • Work requires large up-front deposit, or all money up front
  • Offer sounds too good to be true

The CCB has a variety of consumer tools on its website, including the downloadable guide, Selecting and Working With A Contractor, and the Disaster Scams prevention booklet.


About the CCB

The CCB is the state agency licensing over 42,000 contractors. Anyone who is paid to repair, improve or build a home must be licensed. Learn more about how to have a successful project at www.oregon.gov/ccb.

About the LCB

Oregon law requires that all landscape contracting businesses who work on residential and commercial property in Oregon be licensed with the LCB. Learn more at www.oregon.gov/lcb 


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