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News Release
Helping Connell, WA Residents Move out of Poverty "Si Se Puede" - 11/07/19

Connell, WA

Sí Se Puede, which translates to – “Yes, We Can,” is a phrase with deep roots within the working-class Latino community. The Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council (BFWDC) wanted to honor its history and name our Economic Security for All (EcSA) Connell “Si Se Puede”.

Through EcSA Planning research, we uncovered that there are at least four pillars that every individual, strives for: Transportation, Healthcare, Childcare, and Employment. We are seeing individuals in the throes of poverty start on the pathway to establish and receive financial stability. For those that are already on a pathway to success, we will help move them into a place of self-sufficiency. We want to focus on those that are poverty-stricken at 200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or lower.

Expected Outcome: 115 families moved out of poverty by March 2022.

This EcSA model will focus on remote Connell, Washington, building a partnership around four pillars of support: transportation, healthcare, childcare, and employment. EcSA Benton-Franklin will establish regular transportation to connect residents of Connell to opportunities and resources in the Tri-Cities; provide access to physical and mental healthcare; support access to affordable, reliable, and quality childcare; and focus employment and training efforts on high-demand occupations in Connell and the Tri-Cities.

Contact Jamilet Nerell, Community Programs Manager for more information regarding EcSA Connell Program at 509-734-5984 or">

For direct services, contact the following Employment Specialists serving in Connell:

Jessica Ramirez (ENG/SP)

Cellphone: 509-969-9776

Office: 509-734-5284

Jose Delgado (ENG/SP)

Cellphone: 509-302-4087

Office: 509-734-5916

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