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Credit Bend Fire
Credit Bend Fire
731 NE Isabella Ln house fire 7-27-21 (Photo) - 07/27/21

Bend Fire Department responded to a reported kitchen fire at 731 NE Isabella Ln this morning when the occupant called 911. When fire crews arrived they heard the smoke alarms sounding and saw smoke coming from the eaves and back of the house. The fire had spread to the attic through the kitchen vent hood piping before they arrived. The fire was quickly stopped and kept from doing further damage to the home. The fire damage is estimated at $50,000 to the home and contents.

Combustibles were left on the stove top and the stove left on, causing the fire. Due to the damage, the exact item left on the stove could not be determined. The occupant’s immediate call to 911 allowed fire crews to arrive very quickly and keep the fire from spreading further, limiting the damage to the home and contents. 

Bend Fire Department reminds everyone that kitchen fires are one of the leading causes of household fires in America. An estimated 49% of all home fires in America are cooking related according to NFPA. Ensuring burners are turned off, keeping combustibles away from those burners and ensuring all cooking is attended at all times can help prevent of those fires. More safety tips for kitchens and your home can be found at:

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