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The Kelso Public Schools Foundation is in its 26th year of serving Kelso students. In that time, the organization has given a million dollars in student scholarships and grants to fund programs and activities in Kelso schools.

"The Foundation is an incredible partner and has done so much to support our students' learning and success," said Kelso Superintendent Glenn Gelbrich. "I'm honored to present this award to them."

Since the Foundation's inception, a total of 34 community members, five District Superintendents, nine ex-officio members from Kelso School District and five part-time staff have contributed to the success of this organization.]]>
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Wed, 17 May 2017 16:16:03 PDT <![CDATA[Kelso School District Board Member Larry Hembree Won't Run for Re-Election (Photo)]]>
In sharing his reasons for not running for re-election, Hembree said, "I'm pursuing employment options that may make it difficult to best serve the district."

A product of the Kelso School District, Hembree graduated from Kelso High in 1976. His children went to school in Kelso and he currently has two grandchildren attending Beacon Hill Elementary. Having also taught in Kelso's Fire Science program, his connections to the schools and their mission to prepare every student for living, learning and achieving success in our changing world are strong and he continues to be the embodiment of the mantra, "We Are Kelso". A long-time public servant, Hembree retired from Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue in Kelso after 32 years.

"In my tenure on the board, I've had the pleasure of working with people at all levels in the district who share the passion of serving our children," said Hembree. "It's been an honor."

For those wishing to run for the position opening on the Kelso School Board, the deadline to file with the Elections Office is Friday, May 19.

The duties of a Kelso School District Board Member are stated in Policy 1220 and the key functions of the Board are stated in Policy 1005.

For more information or questions relating to the process, please call Beth Grambo, Assistant to the Superintendent, at 360-501-1927.]]>
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Tue, 09 May 2017 09:49:11 PDT <![CDATA[Kelso School District Awards Police Officer Brian Clark a Letter of Commendation (Photo)]]>
"Officer Clark has made our schools a safer place to learn," said Superintendent Glenn Gelbrich. "We greatly appreciate the impact he's had on our staff, students, and families."

Officer Clark was commended for his role in establishing the ALICE emergency response protocol throughout the District, serving on the Cowlitz SAFE Committee, providing consultation to staff on security and surveillance measures, training school staff on ways to be proactive in emergency situations, and assisting in upholding law and order in Kelso schools.

"One of the things that makes Officer Clark so good at his job is the direct and substantial relationship he has with our students," said John Gummel, Principal of Kelso High School. "He is always kind when kindness is required. Conversely, he is firm when firmness is required. He consistently holds students accountable, but he does so in a way that's well-received by the students. They really admire him."

At the same meeting, the Kelso School District issued a Proclamation to publicly salute the service of law enforcement officers here and across the nation, decreeing May 15 -- 19, 2017, Police Week. This proclamation is in keeping with the nationally recognized Police Week and Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15), originally designated by President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Police Chief Andrew Hamilton, Cowlitz County Sherriff Mark Nelson and Kelso City Manager Steve Taylor were present to witness the Letter of Commendation and Proclamation of Police Week. It was also announced last night that Brian Clark has been promoted to Sergeant within the Kelso Police force.]]>
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