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No information currently posted; operating as usual.
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News Releases
Green Line is back on schedule - 08/22/14
Green Line is back on schedule
Green Line is now 10 minutes behind - 08/22/14
Green Line is catching backup and is now 10 behind.
Green Line 18 minutes behind schedule - 08/22/14
Green Line just departed the Library 18 minutes behind schedule. It is anticipated that Green Line will depart Walmart about 1:55pm.
Green & Silver Line Update (Service to Wal-Mart) - 08/11/14
The road is now clear of the car accident that happened earlier this afternoon. As of 3:24pm Green Line & Silver Line is resuming service to Wal-Mart.
Green & Silver Line (No Wal-Mart Service At This Time) - 08/11/14
Due to a car accident near Wal-Mart, first responders are not allowing any traffic to use Don King Road to get to Wal-Mart. To get to Wal-Mart, bus passengers may request a flag stop on N. Tongass Hwy. provided there is enough roadway for the bus to safely get off the road out of the way of traffic to let passengers off and on the bus. We will post an update once we know more.
Green Line Update (Back on Route) - 08/05/14
Green Line is back on route as of 2:20pm and is leaving the Plaza Mall to go to the Library then will resume the northbound route from the Library to Wal-Mart. Thank you for your patience.
Green Line (Delayed) - 08/05/14
Green Line is experiencing a mechanical issue & is holding just past the AK Marine Hwy/Post Office for a mechanic to assess the situation. We will post an update once we receive more information. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Green Line Update (On Schedule) - 07/24/14
Green Line is now back on schedule; the bus left Wal-Mart at 4:40pm southbound.
Green Line (13 Min. Delay) - 07/24/14
Green Line is 13 min. behind schedule; the bus left the Public Library at 3:25pm northbound.