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News Releases
PIO Coverage Change - 01/23/15
Beginning tomorrow 01/24 through 01/30, Public Information Officer Sergeant Chris Baldridge will be unavailable. If you require a PIO you must call the PIO line at 503-584-6276 or 503-584-MCSO. Thank you.
Brooks Youth Pastor Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges (Photo) - 01/21/15
Today at about 10:00 a.m., detectives with the Marion County Sheriff's Office arrested Peter Bass, age 36, of Brooks. After his arrest, Mr. Bass was taken to the Marion County Jail and he is awaiting arraignment on fifteen counts of Sodomy I and fifteen counts of Sex Abuse II.
As a result of the investigation Mr. Bass has been terminated from his position as a youth pastor at the Brooks Assembly of God. Currently the Sheriff's Office has not identified any victims associated to Mr. Bass's position at the church.

The Sheriff's Office is however seeking any information regarding Mr. Bass or any information regarding additional victims. If you have information regarding this investigation please call Detective Nancy Hubbard with the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 503-316-6635.
Attached Media Files: Bass
Speed Zone Change In The City of Sublimity (Photo) - 01/21/15
Working together with our partners at the City of Sublimity and Marion County Public Works, the speed limit on NW Starr Street in Sublimity has been changed to 35 MPH. This change comes after taking into consideration, public comment and several traffic studies conducted by the public works department.

The new speed limit for the entire stretch of NW Starr Street in Sublimity is now 35 MPH. In the past the speed zone included two different speed limits. Sheriff's Deputies, signage and a radar trailer will be used to warn residents of the new changes.
Attached Media Files: Sublimity_Change.jpg , 35.jpg
Release Regarding Possible Kidnapping - 01/19/15
At about 2:40 a.m., the McMinnville Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff's Office began an investigation into an alleged kidnapping that occurred in Marion County and ended in McMinnville. The victim has made claims that she was taken against her will and transported to McMinnville where she was made to hand over an undisclosed amount of cash.

After hours of interviews with the victim and a review of the case, the Marion County Sheriff's Office has not been able to substantiate the claims made by the victim. The investigation is ongoing but as of this point the Sheriff's Office is not seeking the public or media's help in locating the additional people involved in last night's incident.

Because of the doubts brought forth by the investigators no suspect information is being released by the Sheriff's Office, at this time. If information comes forward to substantiate this investigation the Sheriff's Office will release any remaining details regarding this investigation.
Two People were critically injured following a Crash in south Marion County (Photo) - 01/18/15
Two vehicles collided head-on with each other at about 2:30 pm this afternoon on Liberty Rd S near Bunker Hill Rd S.

Marion County Sheriff's Deputies and Salem Fire Department responded to the scene. They arrived to find the two vehicles involved, one of which is a Green 1993 Ford Explorer, driven by Michael Lowe, 39, of South Salem and a Black 2013 Hyundai Elantra, driven by Randy Harrison, 58, also of South Salem.

Lowe was extricated from his vehicle by fire personnel. Both Lowe and Harrison were injured in the crash and transported by ambulance to Salem hospital where they are in critical condition. The extent of their injuries is not known. Consistent with HIPAA regulations, we will not release further information about their medical condition without their approval.

No other occupants were believed to be involved in either vehicle.

Deputies Mark Ferron and Casey Burhnam with the Sheriff's Office CRASH team also assisted. The cause of the crash remains under investigation at this time. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor in this incident. Liberty Rd S at Bunker Hill Rd S is open to traffic at this time.

We are asking anyone with information about this crash or moments prior to the crash to please call in and ask to speak with Deputies Mark Ferron and or Casey Burhnam. Please call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at (503) 588-5032.
Attached Media Files: Bunker_Hill_CRASH
School Threats Draw Extra Precautions from Authorities (Photo) - 01/15/15
Late last night the Marion County Sheriff's Office received information regarding a possible school threat involving two juveniles, in the threat no specific targets, schools or time frames were mentioned.

As a precaution one of the participants in the conversation, a Houck Middle School student has been removed from school while investigators determine the validity of the threat. The second juvenile and instigator of the threat does not reside in Oregon and we are working with additional law enforcement officials to locate the juvenile and determine the credibility of the threats.

In addition to the removal of the student the school district added extra security personnel and the School Resource Deputy was on campus periodically throughout the day. The Sheriff's Office wants to reiterate that no direct threat against any school has been made and these steps are only being taken as a precaution.

Unless specific evidence is located and criminal charges are brought forth against any of the actors the Sheriff's Office does not anticipate any further releases of information regarding this incident.
Attached Media Files: Houck.jpg
Neighbor Dispute Leads to Theft of Dog (Photo) - 01/11/15
Today at about 1:00 p.m., Brewer the dog, was returned to the Sheriff's Office, he is currently being held at Marion County Dog Control and will remain there until Monday. The Sheriff's Office and our partners at Dog Control and the Human Society will continue working with Brewer and his owner to ensure the dog is properly taken care of.

Again the Sheriff's Office understands the complex nature of these complaints and thanks the responsible party that returned the dog. However, anyone caught trespassing at the owners residence will be arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. We also are aware there are many images of Brewer circulating. That is why we are releasing the attached images taken today and clearly showing that Brewer is healthy and well cared for.

As we promised we did not ask the person returning Brewer any questions regarding the theft or how they came in possession of the dog, but we do understand that he may have visited the Oregon Coast during his disappearance. The Sheriff's Office does not anticipate any further releases regarding this matter.


For approximately the last month the Marion County Sheriff's Office and its partners, the Marion County Dog Control, the Oregon Humane Society and the District Attorney's Office have been working complaints brought forth by a neighbor regarding a dog named Brewer. Over this time period, each entity has conducted its own investigation regarding the dog and have determined that no crimes have been committed and the dog is being cared for by standards set forth in the law.

Sometime over night an unknown person or persons entered the private property of the dog's owner, who lives in the 14000 block of Marion Road SE, near Marion. The Sheriff's Office does suspect that the theft coincides with a Facebook post regarding the dog. The Facebook post was a call for action and it is suspected that the theft occurred because of this call for action.

The Sheriff's Office understands the complex nature of these types of complaints and understands both sides involved can become very emotionally charged. That is why the Sheriff's Office is offering the opportunity for the dogs return within the next 48 hours with no questions asked. If you possess the dog or know someone who does, the dog can be returned to any deputy sheriff or to the Marion County Dog Control.

If Brewer is not located within this time period the Sheriff's Office intends to pursue its investigation and the involved parties could face criminal prosecution, theft of a dog is a class C Felony. If you know where Brewer is located please call 503-588-5032.

The Facebook posts can be found at
Attached Media Files: Brewer , Brewer_B.jpg , Brewer_A.jpg , Brewer.jpg
Investigators Working to Investigate Suspicious Fire ***Update*** (Photo) - 01/09/15
As of this hour, investigators have completed their activities at lasts night fire at Woodburn Auto Sales. Detectives have found that the fire took place in a residence attached to the Woodburn Auto Sales lot and that residence is described as a total loss. Detectives do believe the fire was intentionally set and they are asking for the public's help with any information regarding the fire.

That information can be sent to our tip line at 503-540-8079.


This morning at about 4:00 a.m., deputies with the Marion County Sheriff's Office were called to 1050 South Pacific Highway, Woodburn Auto Sales, to assist fire personnel with a structure fire. When deputies arrived they learned that fire personnel had deemed the fire suspicious and they were requesting help with the investigation.

The scene around the fire has been secured and investigators with the Marion Polk Fire Investigative Team are responding to begin probing into the cause of the fire. At this time there are no injuries and no road closures associated to the investigation. Detectives are asking anyone with information regarding the fire to please call our tip line at 503-540-8079, you can remain anonymous.
Attached Media Files: Fire.jpg
2014 Proves to be Record Recycling Year for the Marion County Jail (Photo) - 01/07/15
It was no small task, when Deputy Ben McGowan set out to implement new recycling programs at the Marion County Jail. But, that is exactly what he and the deputies coined the "Green Team" have accomplished. Not only have they created a viable program but they have managed to save a substantial amount of money in waste disposal, brought money into inmate welfare programs and even managed to give back to people in need.

Currently the Marion County Jail is taking part in the following recycling programs, made possible by both inmates and staff.

Bulk Milk: The jail has switched from pint sized milk cartons to bulk milk and that has reduced waste by 36,400 cartons per year.

Trash Can Liners: Laundry workers stopped delivering clothing, mop heads and other laundry items in plastic garbage can liner bags. In addition, garbage cans deemed unnecessary were removed and are no longer being used. This simple change has saved approximately 22,630 bags, a savings of roughly $1,365.10 per year. The bags saved in one year would stretch end to end just over 12 miles, or if laid out flat would cover two football fields.

Trash sorting: Trash sorting in and around the jail campus began in August 2013. Inmate workers sort daily trash captures approximately 90 gallons of recyclable material per day. When the sorting first began, deputies saw the weight of our trash drop from around 8 tons per month to 7 per month, and now 2.3 tons per month.

In December 2013, the program expanded and began removing food waste. This change diverts approximately 6,700 pounds of food per month from the landfill. Instead of filling up a landfill, the food is being composted and reused. Removing food waste has netted a $300 per month savings to our disposal costs.

Tin Cans: Inmates and kitchen staff are saving, cleaning and flattening tin cans that come from food preparation. The cans are collected and returned to a local metal recycling company. The funds generated by this process are deposited into the inmate welfare fund. This fund is utilized for items and programs that directly benefit the inmates. Tin cans net a profit of approximately $150/yr. Recently inmates began taking apart damaged or broken office equipment that cannot be salvaged. All of the metal is collected and the remaining materials are reused or thrown away when they cannot be recycled.

Soap Recycling: While sorting the daily trash, inmates collect the unused bars of soap that get thrown away by inmates. The soap is collected and turned in to Marion County Environmental Services. Environmental Services sends the soap to an organization in California that purifies, cleans and remolds the soap. Once it is ready the soap is sent to third world Countries or areas that are in need.

Each shipment of soap collected is approximately 30-40 pounds of waste diverted from a landfill.

Battery Recycling: Although the amount of batteries collected may not be significant by volume, the impact on the environment cannot be stressed enough. Collecting Batteries to be recycled also helps reduce the amount of weight in our compactor.

Pallets: Deputies began collecting pallets from deliveries made to the facility, in August of 2013. Much like the tin cans, the pallets are sold to a local company. This process generates approximately $1,000.00 per year that is placed into the inmate welfare fund.

Plastic Bags: Plastic laundry detergent barrels and clear plastic bags used to hold inmate property while in custody, are given to a local company named Agri Plas. Agri Plas uses the unwanted items to create reusable products. This process increases space within our trash compactor which in turn results in fewer dumps.

Since 2013, the Marion County Jail has saved approximately $9,776.00 in dumping fees and diverted 112 tons of trash from entering a landfill. Thanks to Deputy McGowan, our staff and Marion County Jail inmates, average disposal costs have gone from $900/dump in 2012 to $256/dump in 2014. In the spring of 2014 Deputy McGowan was awarded the recycler of the year by Marion County Public Works Environmental Services at the 2014 Mid?Willamette Valley Green Awards.

For a more in-depth look or tour of our recycling programs, please contact PIO Sergeant Chris Baldridge.
Attached Media Files: IMG_3659.JPG , IMG_3656.JPG
Deputy and K9 Partner Seize Drugs and Guns (Photo) - 01/05/15
On New Year's Eve, at about 7:30 p.m., Deputy Jeremy Landers and his K9 partner Misty were patrolling the streets of Marion County. That is when they crossed paths with a black, 1994, Infinity Q45 and its two occupants. After stopping the vehicle for a traffic offense in the 200 block of Lancaster Drive NE, Deputy Landers became suspicious of the pair.

The female driver of the vehicle had no identification and appeared to be lying about her name. To compound the issue the passenger, David Contreras, age 43 of Salem was wanted on an outstanding warrant for Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

After calling for backup Deputy Landers arrested Mr. Contreras without incident. After taking custody of Mr. Contreras, Deputy Landers began to focus on the driver. Without being able to positively identify the driver, Deputy Landers had no choice but to arrest her for failing to carry and present her license. After being arrested the female was searched and .22 caliber bullets were found in her pocket.

The finding of the ammunition prompted the female to confess her identity and the fact that she had a concealed firearm under the driver's seat of her vehicle. Deputies located the .22 caliber handgun, under the driver's seat and seized it as evidence. Deputy Landers, wasn't done, he broke out Misty the drug sniffing K9 who immediately alerted that there were drugs inside of the vehicle.

After searching the vehicle Deputy Landers and Misty seized, 5.8 ounces of methamphetamine, one additional firearm, a stun gun, a set of metal knuckles and $390 cash. The driver, Stefani Anthony, age 27, of Lebanon was arrested and lodged at the Marion County Jail for the charges of Failure to Carry and Present, Giving False Information to the Police, Delivery and Possession of Methamphetamine and being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Her next court date is 01/13 at 8:30 a.m.
Attached Media Files: Misty , Evidence , Anthony , Contreras
Sheriff's Office Adding Patrols Over Holiday Week ***Update*** (Photo) - 01/05/15
Over the holiday period extending from, December 21st to January 4th, deputies with the Marion County Sheriff's Office and our Traffic Safety Team stepped up their patrols, focusing on intoxicated drivers. During their patrols deputies contacted 872 drivers, issued 24 citations to suspended drivers, 13 citations to uninsured motorists, 3 citations for careless driving and 3 citations for reckless driving.

In addition deputies arrested 13 drivers for operating their vehicles under the influence of an intoxicant (DUII). The Sheriff's Office is pleased to report there were no fatalities on our roadways during the holidays. Deputies will conduct similar operations throughout the year thanks to grants made possible by our partners at the Oregon State Sheriff's Association and the Oregon Department of Transportation.


Starting today and carrying through January 1st, the Marion County Sheriff's Office Traffic Safety Team will be stepping up their patrols. Deputies will be working all hours of the day and night focusing primarily on impaired drivers. These patrols are made possible by grants provided to the Sheriff's Office from their partners' at the Oregon State Sheriff's Association and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, In 2012, 239 child passengers (under age 15) were killed in drunk driving crashes - representing 20 percent of all child traffic fatalities. Of those, more than half (52 percent) were passengers in a vehicle with the drunk driver.

Pictured is a DUII arrest from 11/29/14. Instead of pulling to the right the driver, drove over the sidewalk and parked on the grass at Red Lobster in Salem. Traffic Safety Team Sergeant Todd Moquin stated, "I want all drivers on the roadway over the holiday weekend to experience safe and happy travels. So please if you are going to drink, don't drive."
Attached Media Files: DUII
Traffic Safety Team Deputies on Scene of Serious Injury Crash ***Update*** (Photo) - 01/02/15
The driver and passenger from the crash that occurred on New Year's Eve have been identified as Abner Carrillo-Jimenez, age 18, of Donald and Crystal Aguilar-Cardenas, age 22, of Hubbard. After further investigation and interviews conducted with Ms. Aguilar-Cardenas, it was determined that she was wearing her seat belt at the time of the crash and not ejected from the vehicle.

Since the crash Ms. Aguilar-Cardenas has been treated and released from the Salem Hospital. Mr. Carrillo-Jimenez remains at OHSU in fair condition. The Sheriff's Office does not anticipate any further release of information regarding this crash.


Today at about 2:10 p.m., deputies with the Marion County Traffic Safety Team responded to a single vehicle crash in the 12600 block of Donald Road NE. The driver and passenger were negotiating a corner, when their Nissan Frontier lost control, struck a tree and then rebounded back across the roadway.

Deputies believe the passenger was ejected after the collision with the tree and the driver had to be extricated by fire personnel. The passenger was transported by ambulance to Salem Hospital with what are being described as serious injuries. The driver was flown via Life Flight to OHSU with critical injuries. Donald Road is currently closed while deputies conclude their investigation. Deputies do believe speed is a factor in the crash.

Because of the seriousness of the injuries sustained by both parties involved in the crash, the Sheriff's Office will not be releasing the names of the driver and passenger until all family notifications have been made.
Attached Media Files: Crash_3.jpg , Crash_2.jpg , Crash_1.jpg
Detectives Asking for Assistance in Identifying Human Remains - 12/31/14
On December 11th, detectives with the Marion County Sheriff's Office were called to a field located on Cook Rd SE, near Turner. Detectives were called to investigate skeletal remains located in the field by hunters.

As of today the remains have been determined to be that of a male who ranged in age from 35 to 40 years old. The Sheriff's Office is not prepared to comment any further regarding the remains, any evidence located at the scene or facts surrounding the case.

The remains have been sent to the University of Texas in an attempt to identify the person's identity. The typical time period for a return on these types of cases is 4 to 6 months. Once an identification of the remains is made and the appropriate family members of the deceased are contacted, an additional release of information will be sent out.

If anyone has any information regarding this case they are asked to call our tip line at 503-540-8079.
Deputy Retiring After 32 Years of Service (Photo) - 12/31/14
On December 31st, after thirty-two years of law enforcement service, Marion County Deputy Kevin Rau is hanging up his duty belt for the last time.

Deputy Rau began his law enforcement career in the Army in 1982, where he also served as a military policeman. He moved to the Oregon Department of Corrections in 1988, serving as a corrections officer and a K9 handler. He arrived at the Sheriff's Office in 1994. During his 20 year career with the Sheriff's Office, Deputy Rau served as a patrol deputy, school resource officer, public information officer, training coordinator, negotiator, K9 handler and civil process server.

But it was in 2005 that Kevin settled into the role that fit him best. After experiencing a steady rise in calls related to mentally ill people and an estimated 25% jail population with a diagnosed mental illness, the Sheriff's Office began seeking ways to best handle mental illness-related calls. The first step was to provide deputies with knowledge about various mental health conditions: the symptoms, the tendencies and the best way to approach and assist individuals with these illnesses. In 2006, we launched a 40-hour crisis intervention training (CIT) program, led by Deputy Rau.

The training focuses on best practices in handling calls involving mentally ill people and locating services to address their complex issues, while attempting to avoid unnecessary incarceration. The information is presented by field experts, law enforcement professionals, as well as mental health services consumers. As of 2014, we have completed our 14th session of CIT training, bringing the total trained personnel to nearly 400 officers and deputies from 23 agencies in the region. CIT is based on a model that has become the standard for mental health crisis intervention training across the country.

In 2010, we further solidified partnerships around this issue, with the creation of a Mental Health Task Force, made up of law enforcement agencies in Marion County, the District Attorney's Office and the Marion County Health Department.

That same year, the Crisis Outreach Response Team (CORT) was formed to unify the response and processing of the volume of calls involving people with mental illness. Deputy Rau applied for and was assigned to the team. CORT is a law enforcement/mental health collaborative outreach team that attempts to identify those citizens (based on police reports) who are having frequent contact with police and who also have an apparent mental health concern. The goal of CORT is to divert those people away from using emergency services and toward health, mental health, alcohol and drug treatment, and peer support services. In 2013, CORT reviewed more than 2,000 police reports from agencies in Marion County and attempted to offer services to more than 370 individuals.

Expanding the capabilities of the Mental Health Task Force, in 2014, the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) was formed to add an immediate response component to what CORT was already doing. MCRT pairs a law enforcement officer and a mental health professional who can respond directly to police calls for service, where there may be a mental health concern. The ultimate goal of MCRT is the same as CORT: to reduce the criminalization of mental illness and to reduce the potential for these incidents ending in tragedy.

Sheriff Myers added, "Kevin was a critical component in developing a system within Marion County that fits our diverse needs and addresses the issue of mental health and incarceration. His service to our community will not soon be forgotten and we wish him well in his retirement."

Kevin told me that in his retirement, he plans to continuing teaching CIT to police officers and deputies at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. He added that for Christmas his wife got him a miter saw and a work bench. Kevin stated, "Honey, message received!"
Attached Media Files: K_Rau.jpg , IMGP0693.jpg
Truck Stop
Truck Stop
Commercial Trucks Using Back Roads to Bypass Interstate 5 Scales (Photo) - 12/30/14
In the fall of this year, Sheriff Jason Myers and the Board of Commissioners were made aware of a potential problem related to commercial truck traffic in and around the city of Woodburn. Community members and City of Woodburn Officials indicated that they believed commercial trucks were exiting Interstate 5 prior to port of entry scales and using arterial roads (Boone Ferry Rd and Settlemier Rd.) to travel around the scales and then back onto the interstate.

After hearing the complaint the Sheriff's Office Traffic Safety Team (TST) in conjunction with Marion County Public Works Department began to count the amount of commercial truck traffic in the area. From this count officials determined that semi trucks were using Boones Ferry Road, but they could not determine if the trucks were being used by local farms or drivers bypassing the scales.

Based on the count, Sergeant Todd Moquin formulated a Traffic Safety Team enforcement plan to begin stopping truck traffic in the area. "What we found from these stops really concerned us," stated Sergeant Moquin. In a 30 day period, deputies with TST intermittently began working in the area, 14 stops were made and over a dozen citations were issued to commercial vehicles. Several of these vehicle drivers admitted to bypassing the commercial scales.

"This poses several safety issues for commuters in this area and causes damage to county and city roadways not designed for commercial traffic. These drivers generally go around scales to either avoid required rest periods, their trucks are overweight or the trucks have malfunctioning equipment. Regardless of the reason, bypassing a scale allows trucks and their drivers to go uninspected posing safety risks to motorists. This is a problem that we will continue to address from an education, engineering and enforcement approach," said Sergeant Moquin.

The Traffic Safety Team is currently working with Marion County Public Works, the City of Woodburn, Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Truckers Association to educate drivers and work on a long term solution. Sergeant Moquin added, "We are getting the word out and working collaboratively with our community partners to identify a more permanent solution."

Sergeant Moquin stated, "While we explore this problem as a collective group, TST will continue to be in the immediate area and issuing citations to drivers found avoiding the scales."

Woodburn Mayor Kathy Figley appreciates the work the Sheriff's Office is putting in, confirming what she and the Council suspected.

"We recognized there was a problem and a potential risk for increased accidents, along with excessive road damage," she said. "I am thankful for the hard work and expediency Sheriff Myers and his team have worked in helping resolve this issue."

City Administrator Scott Derickson said the City is concerned about public safety impacts caused by illegal truck traffic.

"The City will continue to press for increased enforcement and public education in our effort to resolve the issue," he said. "I am grateful for all the help we have received from the County and Sheriff's Office."

(City of Woodburn PIO Jason Horton contributed to this release.)
Attached Media Files: Truck Stop