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ODF Northwest and Southwest Oregon Regional Forest Practices Committees will meet Jan. 25 in Springfield - 01/20/17

Release date: January 20, 2017

Bobbi Doan, Public Affairs Specialist, bobbi.j.doan@oregon.gov, 503-945-7506
Kyle Abraham, Deputy Chief Private Forests Division, kyle.abraham@oregon.gov, 503-945-7473

The Northwest and Southwest Oregon Regional Forest Practices Committees will meet Jan. 25 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the U.S. Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management Springfield office, located at 3106 Pierce Parkway.

Regional Forest Practices Committees are panels of citizens -- mandated under Oregon law -- that advise the Oregon Board of Forestry on current forestry issues and forest management approaches. Three Regional Forest Practices Committees, serving the Northwest, Southwest and Eastern regions of the state, were created by the 1971 Oregon Forest Practices Act. Members are qualified by education or experience in natural resource management. Under Oregon law, a majority of Regional Forest Practices Committees members must be private forest landowners, timber owners or authorized representatives who regularly engage in forest operations.

Agenda items include the Eastern Oregon/Siskiyou Region Streamside Protections Review and Bald Eagle rule language. Other items on the agenda are:
* Updates on the Oregon Department of Forestry's budget reduction planning, the make-up of the Board of Forestry, and the 2017 Legislative Session
* An overview of the Specified Resource Site review

Members of the public may attend the meeting and an opportunity for public comment will be provided. Questions about accessibility or special accommodations for the meeting can be directed to the Oregon Department of Forestry at 503-945-7248.
Oregon's forests are among one of the state's most valued resources, providing a balanced mix of environmental, economic and social benefits.
Find the meeting agenda and learn more about ODF's Regional Forest Practices Committees here.


Bobbi Doan | Public Affairs Specialist
Oregon Department of Forestry, Salem Campus
Office: (503) 945-7506
Cell: (503) 507-4481

Smoke management committee will meet Jan. 19 - 01/13/17

An update to Oregon's Smoke Management Plan will begin with a Jan. 19 meeting of the Oregon Department of Forestry's Smoke Management Advisory Committee in Salem.

The plan's overall purpose is to guide the state in providing maximum opportunity for essential forestland burning while minimizing smoke intrusions into Smoke Sensitive Receptor Areas and other sensitive areas. The plan is a coordinated effort between the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

The meeting will be held from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Oregon Department of Forestry's Salem office in the Santiam Conference Room, located at 2600 State St. The committee's Jan. 19 agenda can be viewed at www.oregon.gov/ODF/Board/Pages/SMAC.aspx.

Major agenda items for the meeting include:
-The plan's 10-year strategic financial plan
-The pace and scale of industrial land burning
-A debrief of the November 2016 joint meeting of the Board of Forestry and the Environmental Quality Commission and their tour of the Ashland Watershed Resiliency Project
-Preparation for the upcoming Smoke Management Review

In 1989, the Oregon Legislature directed the State Forester to establish a Smoke Management Advisory Committee to provide advice and assistance to the Oregon Department of Forestry Smoke Management Program. Membership of the committee includes representatives of industrial forestland owners, non-industrial forestland owners, the general public, the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Each representative serves for renewable two-year terms. The committee meets twice a year.

2016 Operators of the Year: helping people and protecting natural resources - 01/06/17

The 2016 Operators of the Year are B&C Logging of Baker City, Wayne Stone Logging, Inc. of Sandy, and Plikat Logging, Inc. of Camas Valley. Operator of the Year Awards are given by the Board of Forestry to recognize forestry operators for responsible, innovative, proactive work that protects natural resources.

To encourage sound forestry, the board honors operators who consistently meet or exceed the Forest Practices Act law. The law requires people to: replant forests; harvest responsibly; protect and enhance habitat; reduce landslide risks; and protect streams and water quality. Regional committees select operators of the year and merit award recipients.

Private Forests Division Chief Lena Tucker said, "These operators set the example. They show how operators can both manage forests and protect natural resources. We're pleased to honor their exemplary work."

B&C Logging earned the Eastern Oregon Area Operator of the Year award for helping landowners after the Stices Gulch wildfire and protecting fish streams. B&C's work also improved public safety, because they removed trees damaged by the wildfire from urban areas. (Video: https://youtu.be/LSB7z-_-dUc)

Plikat Logging earned the Southern Oregon Area Operator of the Year award for protecting a fish-bearing stream and its buffer while using a suspended cable system to move logs and minimize ground impact. Plikat's planning and careful work left the land ready for replanting. (Video: https://youtu.be/cwwpQzpcPrc)

Wayne Stone Logging earned the Northwest Oregon Area Operator of the Year award for protecting water quality and taking extra efforts to prevent fires. Stone safely completed a difficult downhill harvest. (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81WgwqJ8fSA )

All nominees exceeded the Forest Practices requirements to help improve Oregon's forests. The committees issued Merit Awards for excellent work to Mike Pihl Logging Company, Inc. of Veronia (video: https://youtu.be/OkY-EjA77HQ), Western Helicopter Services, Inc. of Newberg and Starker Forests, Inc. of Corvallis (video: https://youtu.be/5njgK20Rrq0), and B&M Timber of Burns (video: https://youtu.be/zhp41CteXSY).

The Board of Forestry will present the Operator of the Year Awards at its March 8 meeting. The Associated Oregon Loggers, the Oregon Logging Conference and the Oregon Small Woodland Association will also provide special recognition. In 1971, Oregon enacted the Forest Practices Act, the nation's model forest management laws which focuses on forest operations and protecting natural resources. Many states followed Oregon's lead. The Act remains current through updates based on science, facts and values to create a balanced approach to natural resource management.


A gift that gives back for Oregon's forests (Photo) - 12/23/16


The Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust, a non-profit organization that provides educational experiences to help Oregonians better understand and appreciate the Tillamook State Forest, received a $50,000 grant donation in the memory of Wayne Naillon. Through this donation, the donor, a close friend of Mr. Naillon, hopes to honor her friend by providing opportunity for others to experience Oregon's state forests and contribute to this effort.

Wayne died earlier this year after a brief battle with cancer. He was a dedicated volunteer and advocate for trails and recreational users on the Tillamook Forest for over 15 years. Wayne logged countless hours working on trails, organizing work parties, supporting trail system planning, helping secure grant funds, and advocating for trail system development and improvement. One of Wayne's many strengths was valuing everyone he met. He was well-known in the mountain biking community and was an active member of Northwest Trail Alliance.

The Trust is using this generous $50,000 donation to create the State Forest Recreation Fund. This donation, and others received for the Fund, will be used to support recreation management activities on State Forests, and to develop a sustainable source of funding for recreation system maintenance and volunteer support for years to come. The Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust has established a State Forest Recreation Fund to receive this and other donations. The Trust is a 501 (c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

For more information about how to get involved, donate or to learn more, go to the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust website: http://tillamookforestcenter.org/about_04.html or contact Ross Holloway, Executive Director for the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust Fund directly at Ross.Holloway@oregon.gov


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