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News Release
Education funding proposal a leadership failure for Oregon students - 06/01/17

"The school funding proposal put forth this morning equates to failure," said Jim Green, executive director of the Oregon School Boards Association. "It amounts to a failure in leadership because it does not address the cost drivers and revenue reform issues that our own legislators have acknowledged are necessary. And it will lead to failure in our schools because it attempts to balance the state budget on the backs of our students.

"There is plenty of time left in this session for our elected leaders to make some hard choices. That is why we elected them: to lead. More than a half-million students in our K-12 schools -- and their families -- are counting on Gov. Brown and our legislators to find a way to reduce costs and address revenue reform. If they don't, our schools will be forced to cut instructional time, lay off teachers and increase class sizes.

"This proposal gives up on our kids. But we are not giving up on them. They deserve so much better."