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Media release
Media release
Death Investigation on NE Sierra Drive (Photo) Updated with names of involved persons - 10/21/18

Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018                                                                  

Case # 2018-326445

Date & Time of Incident: October 20th at 01:23am

Type of Incident:  Death Investigation  

Location of Incident: 20000 block Sierra Drive


Kyle Scott Adams                        33 year old                                  Bend resident

Tyler William Herrick                    31 year old                                  Bend resident

Involved Person:

Brennan Willey Pebbles               31 year old                                  Bend resident

****Updated Narrative 10-21-18*****:

This release is to name the three involved persons in this incident. The investigation is still ongoing and the involved person, Brennan Willey Pebbles is still cooperating with investigators. No arrests have been made in this case.  

For information, Kyle Adams age was listed in the original release as 27 years old. This was inaccurate, as his age is 33 years old.

Original release on 10-20-18


27 year old male                                                                         Bend resident

31 year old male                                                                         Bend resident

Involved Person:

31 year old male                                                                         Bend resident


On Saturday October 20th at 01:23am, Bend Police received calls from the neighbors in the 20000 block of NE Sierra Drive for the report of “shots heard.” The information from the neighbors helped the officers triangulate where the most likely place the gun shots came from.

The involved person (31 year old Bend resident), called Deschutes County 911 to advise he had shot a male inside of his residence. Based on the community phone calls and a statement from the involved person, officers went to a specific address in the 20000 block of Sierra Drive. Bend Police Officers then made contact with the involved person.

Two males were found inside the residence; both had sustained gunshot wounds. A 31 year old male was found deceased. A 27 year old male was found with life threatening injuries and transported to St. Charles Bend by Bend Fire and Rescue. The male later died at St. Charles Bend.

Bend Police Detectives, the Oregon State Police Crime Lab and the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office were called out and are actively helping with this incident. Investigators and the Crime Lab are currently executing a search warrant at two separate residences in the 20000 block of Sierra Drive. This investigation is in the early stages and it is anticipated it will last throughout most of the day. Due to the complexity of this incident, Sierra Drive will be closed in front of these two residences for the duration of the on-scene investigation.

Bend Police is in the process of notifying next of kin of the deceased. Names of the deceased and further information related to this investigation will be released as the investigation is completed. There is no risk to the community at this time.

The Bend Police Department is asking anyone with information regarding this shooting from early this morning to call Deschutes County 911 Non-Emergency at 541-693-6911. Any information, no matter how insignificant it might seem, can be vital to this investigation.

### End of Release###

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Assault Arrest in Downtown Bend - 10/21/18

Date:  Sunday, October 21, 2018

Case:  2018-327276

Date & Time of Incident:  Saturday, October 20, 2018 @ 2225 hours

Type of Incident:  Stabbing

Location of Incident:  939 NW Bond Street


24 year old Bend, OR resident


Gregory Tahsahsanah          43 year old transient


On Saturday, October 20, 2018 at approximately 2225 hours Bend Police responded to 939 NW Bond Street (Astro Lounge) in regards to a stabbing/verbal altercation that had just taken place.  Officers arrived on scene and immediately located the 24 year victim in this case, who had sustained a laceration to his abdominal area.  Officers also located the suspect in this case, who was standing on the sidewalk at this same location.  First responders provided medical treatment to the victim in this case while on scene and prior to him being transported to St. Charles Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.  

The investigation revealed that Tahsahsanah and the victim became involved in a verbal dispute and it was during this dispute that the victim was stabbed in the abdominal area.  

Tahsahsanah was taken into custody without incident and lodged at the Deschutes County Adult Jail on the below listed charges.


  • Assault II
  • Unlawful Use/Carry of a Weapon
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Menacing


Barricaded suspect on Brosterhous Road (Photo) - 10/17/18

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018                                                              

Case # 2018-323634

Date & Time of Incident: October 17th at 4:30pm

Type of Incident:  Attempted Assault II                                                           

Location of Incident: 61000 SE Brosterhous #558


Bend Police Lieutenant             40 year old male


Tyler Lewis Scott                          37 year old                             Bend resident


On Sunday October 17th at 4:30 pm, officers with the Bend Police Department responded to the report of a dispute between roommates at a residence on 61000 SE Brosterhous.

Officers learned the male roommate was throwing items inside the residence. Officers knocked on the front door to contact the male, which he opened and then quickly shut. A Bend Police Lieutenant was walking by a double pane window when the same male threw something against the window and shattered the inside pain. they contacted a female roommate, who was inside the residence but standing by an open window. The officers assisted the female out of the residence and then a separate male acquaintance came out on his own.

The male who was causing damage to the residence, later identified as Tyler Scott, came out of the residence and confronted the Bend Police Officers. Scott threw a hammer at a Bend Police Lieutenant, narrowly missing hitting the lieutenant. Scott quickly retreated into the residence and was not responding to numerous requests for him to exit the house.

As the incident with police continued, the Central Oregon Emergency Response Team (CERT) was activated. CERT Operators and negotiators spent several hours attempting to deescalate the situation with Scott and have him come out of the residence. Scott was not complying with requests for him to exit the residence.

Bend Police Detectives assisted with the investigation. They applied for and were granted a search warrant for the residence. CERT Operators eventually introduced chemical agents into the residence. Shortly after the chemical agents were introduced into the residence, Scott came out and complied with the requests by the CERT Operators. Scott was taken into custody without further incident.

Scott was treated on scene by Bend Fire and Rescue before being transported to St. Charles Emergency Department. At the time of this release, Scott was still at St. Charles Bend accompanied by Bend Police.

Scott is facing criminal charges of Menacing, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Attempted Assault of a Public Safety Officer and Attempted Assault II.

The Central Oregon Emergency Response Team is comprised of police officers, deputies and support staff from Bend Police, Redmond Police, Prineville Police, Crook County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Bend Fire and Rescue and the Bureau of Land Management.

### End of Release###

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Commercial Burglary Arrests - 10/10/18

Arrested:  16 year-old male, Bend Resident, 17 year-old male, Bend Resident

On 10-05-18 at 11:30 PM, Bend Police Officers responded to a reported burglary at US Market, 2625 NE Butler Market Road.  Surveillance video showed two male suspects who had broken a window, entered the business and stole merchandise.  The suspects fled the area prior to police arrival.  

Since the incident, Bend Police Officers have been pursuing leads in the case.  After the burglary occured, a citizen viewed the video surveillance and recognized one of the males committing the burglary.  This information was relayed to Officers and on 10-10-18, the male was contacted and arrested.  This lead to a search warrant being executed at a Bend residence, a second suspect being identified and arrested and the recovery of stolen property from the burglary.

Due to the suspects being juveniles, their names are not being released at this time and the case has been referred to the District Attorney's Office.  

Media release
Media release
Stabbing investigation in Downtown Bend (Photo) - 10/07/18

Date: Sunday, October 07, 2018                                                                    

Case # 2018-311760                            

Date & Time of Incident: October 7th at 1:01am

Type of Incident:  Stabbing                                                                           

Location of Incident: 102 NW Greenwood; M and J Tavern


David Andrew Simmons                29 year old                             Bend resident


Adam Conley Richardson              24 year old                          La Pine resident


On Sunday October 7th at 1:01am, the Bend Police Department responded to a stabbing just outside the M and J Tavern, located at 102 NW Greenwood. The victim, David Simmons, reported having a confrontation with the suspect just outside the entrance. Simmons and the suspect are acquaintances.  Simmons went into the M and J Tavern but came out a short later to find the suspect attempting to stab Simmons’ vehicle tires. When Simmons confronted the suspect, Simmons was stabbed in the hand.

Officers responded and found Simmonds suffered a non-life threatening injury to his hand, suspected to be caused by a knife. Bend Fire and Rescue responded to evaluate the injury. Simmonds later went to St. Charles Bend for treatment.

During the investigation, officers located a cell phone belonging to Richardson that was in the area of the dispute. Officers interviewed witnesses from inside the M and J Tavern in an attempt to find out more information regarding Richardson. Officers learned that Richardson resided in La Pine at 53056 Woodstock Drive.

Officers with the Bend Police Department applied for a search warrant for Richardson’s address, which was granted. Bend Police Detectives, the Central Oregon Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office responded to the address to serve the search warrant.

Around 8:00am, CERT executed the search warrant and took Richardson into custody without incident. During the warrant, the knife used in the assault was recovered inside of Richardson’s vehicle, a Toyota 4-Runner.

Richardson was transported to the Deschutes County Adult Jail, where he was lodged on charges of Assault II and Criminal Mischief II (damage to Simmonds vehicle).

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Kido recovery
Kido recovery
Investigation and recovery of a companion animal (Photo) - 10/01/18

Date: Monday, October 01, 2018                                                                   

Case # 2018-304562                            

Date & Time of Incident: September 28, 2018 through October 1, 2018          

Type of Incident:  Theft I of a Companion Animal                                                                                                           

Location of Incident: 111 NW Oregon; Vector Volcano


47 year old male                                                                         Bend resident


Sabrina Lynn McCaskill                 41 year old                      Philomath resident


On Friday September 28th at 10:00pm, an officer on foot patrol in downtown Bend was flagged down by a Bend resident. This resident reported his dog “Kido” was missing after he secured “Kido” outside a local business to go inside for a short period of time. The officer took the information but “Kido” was not located.

On September 29th, the resident located security camera video provided by a local business showing the area where “Kido” was secured. The video showed a white female adult taking “Kido,” manipulating the leash to do so. This information was put onto the Bend Police Department Facebook page in an attempt to identify the suspect.

Over the next day, our community and surrounding community members shared the information in an attempt to locate “Kido” and identify the suspect. On September 30th at 7:03pm, Bend Police received a phone call from the suspect’s boyfriend. The suspect, identified as Sabrina McCaskill, took the secured dog because she believed it was “malnourished.”

Based on this information, Bend Police worked with the Corvallis Police Department and the Philomath Police Department to recover “Kido.” Corvallis Police recovered “Kido” from McCaskill’s residence. Bend Police transported “Kido” from Corvallis to the Emergency Vet Center of Central Oregon. In the early morning hours of October 1st, “Kido” was reunited with his family.

McCaskill was charged with Theft I of a Companion Animal, arrested and issued a citation to appear in Deschutes County Circuit Court. Theft I of a Companion Animal is a C-Felony.

The return of “Kido” was the combination of great police work, a very compassionate and driven community and the power of social media. A special thanks to our Central Oregon Community.

This is an opportunity to remind the public that taking something that doesn’t belong to you is a crime. Under Oregon Finders Law, “finders keepers” does not apply to companion animals, unless all avenues to find the owner are exhausted. Failure to do so could result in a felony level theft charge.

In Bend, if you find a pet, notify the Bend Police Department via non-emergency dispatch (541-693-6911), or Humane Society of Central Oregon. Posting a found pet on one of the many social media pages is a good second step, but that alone is insufficient for those who do not use social media.

We’ve heard (through communications regarding this case) that there may be some people in our community who find dogs, and then extort owners to get their dogs back. Please report any occurrence of your dog being stolen so we can address the issue. As with any info on crimes that are being committed in our city, call us, enter an online report or send us a direct message over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

### End of Release###

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