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AMR Expands Emergency Medical Services During Solar Eclipse - 08/16/17

AMR Will Deploy 23 Ambulances to Cities and Counties across Oregon

(Portland, Oregon) -- Oregon residents and visitors are in for a stellar show as the earth, sun and moon align perfectly on August 21, 2017 to temporarily darken much of the state. This will be the first time since 1918 that the lunar shadow will move across the entire United States. For months American Medical Response (AMR) has worked with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon EMS and Trauma Systems Section, and a host of other agencies and communities to help ensure that thousands of Oregonians, and visitors to the state, have a positive and safe experience during the total solar eclipse.

Residents of many Oregon cities are among those who will see a full solar eclipse. These areas will provide prime viewing of the eclipse in the path of totality.

Since Oregon expects a million or more increase in number of visitors to the state, the Governor declared a state of emergency that enabled Oregon to bring additional ambulances and attendant personnel into the state to respond as needed during the eclipse event.
OHA requested AMR to provide ambulance services in many counties and cities across the state to prepare for the onslaught of visitors.

AMR will deploy 23 ambulances and 46 Paramedics and EMTs to work with local jurisdictions to provide emergency services to the following:
?,? Huntington Fire Department, Huntington, Oregon
?,? Unity Service Center, Unity Oregon
?,? Town of Mitchell, Mitchell, Oregon
?,? Town of Spray, Spray, Oregon
?,? Maupin Fire Department, Maupin, Oregon
?,? Cow Canyon Rest Area, South of Hwy 197 at Hwy 97
?,? Bear Springs, at Junction of Hwy 216 and Hwy 26
?,? Main Fire Station, Warm Springs- 3 ambulances
?,? Blue Mountain Hospital, John Day, Oregon

AMR will also provide additional ambulances and personnel to the communities of: Jefferson - 3 ambulances, Suttle Lodge - 1 ambulance, Detroit Lake - 2 ambulances, Lake Billy Chinook - 1 ambulance. The deployment also includes a mechanic with a truck and trailer full of tools, replacement parts, and medical supplies --to be stationed in Madras to handle any restocking or vehicle issues.

"As our country's national disaster ambulance provider through FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), we are well-practiced in responding to disasters on many levels. Many of AMR's local leaders act as the Incident Management Team on disasters such as hurricanes, and are able to apply that experience and knowledge locally here in Oregon," states Randy Lauer, Regional Director for AMR Oregon.

As in deployment for FEMA, the staffing configuration for the eclipse ambulances will be one paramedic and one emergency medical technician (EMT). Most will go into service beginning Friday, August 18 through Tuesday, August 22nd. AMR Operations across the region will provide the following number of ambulances.
?,? AMR Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, OR - 7 units
?,? AMR Josephine County, OR -- 1 unit
?,? AMR Pierce County, WA -- 4 units
?,? AMR SW Washington (Clark and Cowlitz Counties) - 2 Units
?,? AMR Spokane County, WA - 3 units
?,? AMR Sonoma County, CA - 2 Units

Note: Currently there are 44 AMR Paramedics and EMTs deployed on actively burning wildland fires. Fire certified Paramedics and EMT's are assigned to fires at Crater Lake, Burns, La Grande, and Medford areas and the Jefferson Wilderness. AMR's first Wildland Fire Response Team deployment this year was August 7th.
See for more fire incident details.

Before, during and after the eclipse be prepared for traffic delays with extra food and water.
Tips for safe driving and viewing:
* Do not slow down while driving
* Do not park on the shoulder of the road
* Exit the road to find a safe viewing location
* Do not take photographs while driving
* Do not wear opaque eclipse glasses while operating a vehicle
* Turn your headlights on -- do not rely on your automatic headlights
* Watch for pedestrians along roads and yield to emergency vehicles

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